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Latest update: 25/09/2023 16:55:37

HexaCORE Co., Ltd.

Connecting metropolises to remote islands with HexaCORE in communications equipment!

HexaCORE Co., Ltd. specialises in the design, manufacture and sale of equipment for communication buildings and data centres. As a manufacturer of distribution and sub-distribution panels that support the information and communications infrastructure, we are committed to providing highly reliable products and are actively engaged in our work every day. 
We will continue to develop technologies that capture the trends of the times and strive to be a company that is trusted by our customers, partners and society.

With effect from 1 April 2023, we have changed our company name from Chuo Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Business Content:
■ Distribution cabinets for various telecom operators
■ Remote monitoring systems
■ Rack cabinets
■ Security and mobile products
■ Design and manufacture of other products

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Sales Pitch

monitoring system
We will help you realize visualization and energy saving
Measurement and monitoring of electricity used by distribution panels, communication buildings,  in factories and offices, etc.
It can be used for a variety of purposes and contributes to the visualization of energy usage for each facility and equipment and to energy savings.
We accept maintenance and repaird after-delivery
We have established a system that allows you to use our products with peace of mind even after-delivery, such as regular inspections and after sales follow up.
In addition, it is also possible to prepare a successor model when the product is discontinued.
Maintenance costs will be handled according to the customer's budget, such as annual contracts and spot support.
Main products for monitoring
We handle mainly like current sensor, thermo-hygro sensor and remote monitoring system.

■ Alternating current measurement (Modbus), PAL-Plus 
PAL-Plus is an alternating current sensor built in measuring instruments that can easily realize remote monitoring of Modbus communication. 

■ Temperature and humidity measurement (Modbus), PAL-Temp 
PAL-Temp is a temperature and humidity sensor that is not expensive, is small, and is easy to install; compatible with Modbus RTU communication. 

■ Remote monitoring system, CEW-M4 
CEW-M4 is a server software that monitors the status of a facility based on each type of sensor that is compatible with the Modbus protocol and the information from multimeters. 

We also have virious other monitoring products.
Products for telecommunications carrier
We propose products that consider safety, cost, and the environment.
By proactively making VE and VA proposals, we strive to improve work efficiency and safety and reduce costs.
We utilize flexible design thinking to propose products that meet customer needs.
We provide consistent support from pre-production to after-delivery.
Through interviews, we clarify the customer's issues and propose products that take into account the peripheral equipment and floors in use.
In addition, we handle everything from pre-production to after-delivery, including custom-made products, partial specification changes, and the next-time same specifications.
We will support you consistently.
Main products for telecommunications carrier
It introduces about our mainly handle DC distoribution panels.

■ HVDC-SVU for high voltage direct current power supply 
This is a distribution panel that is compatible with the High Voltage Direct Current (HDVC) system, which is a new trend of power supply at data centers.

■ SP-IBS for direct current power supply 
This is a DC distribution panel that is suprerior to workability and abundant optional functions.

■Remote In/Brake DC current distribution board
This is a DC distribution panel of 19" rack mount type (FFTU) that allows remote power on/off operation from a distant location.

We also have virious other Products for telecommunications carrier (DC distribution panel).
Products for date center
We are contributing to building highly reliable data centers
By responding to customer-specific concerns, including harmonic countermeasures and excitation inrush current countermeasures, we are contributing to building highly reliable data centers.
We will clarify the customer's issues through interviews and propose products based on the peripheral equipment and floor you are using.
Please feel free to contact us.
Please leave it to us for after sales follow up
Even after delivery, we provide periodic inspections and after sales follow up. please leave it to us consistently from notification of parts that need to be replaced to securing replacement parts, until safe construction by replacement workers who received technical training.
Main products for date center
It introduces about our mainly handle AC distoribution panels.

■SDC-series for alternating current power supply 
This is a AC distribution panel that is able to direct connect  branch breaker to cable.
You can choose a breaker with the minimum necessary breaking capacity.

■SVU-ST for alternating current power supply
This is a AC distribution panel with simple internal sructure (SVU:Smart Vertical Unit)※.
※patented technology

■PDU-series for alternating current power supply
This is a AC distribution panel that distributes supplied power from a UPS to lower devices such as PDPs.

We also have virious other Products for date center (AC distribution panel).




Introduction of our factory (Japanese subtitles)
Last update:01/09/2023
We would like to introduce our factory located in Natori Ciy, Miyagi Prefecture.
Introduction of our company (Japanese subtitles)
Last update:01/09/2023
We would like to introduce our company profile.

Other presentation

Certifications & Qualifications
■Construction Business Licence: Approved by the Governor of Miyagi Prefecture (General-2) No. 22472, 
 Electrical Construction Business
■Registered Electrical Contractor: Notification to the Governor of Miyagi Prefecture No. 022782, 
 General Purpose Electrical Contractor & Own-Use Electrical Contractor
■Battery Storage Facility Qualification: Qualification No. 1187 (Head Office Factory) 
 (Outer Case: Battery Case, Outdoor Case)
■Ordinance Cubicle Type Battery Storage Facility Structure Confirmation Certificate No. 19-047 (Battery Outer Case), 
 No. 21-26 (Battery Outdoor Case)
■ISO9001 Quality Management System
■ISO14001 Environmental Management System
■"Kurumin" Certification (2023)
■"Business Continuity Power Enhancement Plan Certification (2023)

Awards & Achievements
■Developed PDF Distribution Board & 19" Rack and obtained Utility Model for VDT Disorder Prevention System
■Patent awarded for metal vapour laser
■Obtained patent for SVU type AC distribution board
■Obtained patent for DC-PDF
■SVU type AC distribution board received Good Design Award in 2014
■Patent granted for circuit breaker and adapter for circuit breaker
■Obtained patent for COMC DC Current Meter
■Received the 66th Shibusawa Award (2023) as the development group of connector type 
 intermediate power supply device

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Tohoku Head Office, SMRJ

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