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Latest update: 21/04/2021 11:44:53

Pan Solution Technologies Co., Ltd.

We contribute to quality improvements in solar batteries and semiconductor circuit boards with our world-first technology.

Our company manufactures and sells inspection equipment for solar batteries and semiconductor wafers.  Our unique technology (HS-CMR method), enables quality management at the wafer stage.  This enables improvements to the non-defective product ratio, quality stabilization and cost reduction. 

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We are a venture company that was started at the Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University. Based in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, we manufacture/sell inspection equipment for solar batteries and semiconductor wafers. 
Following the expansion of solar batteries and semiconductor products in recent years, further quality improvements and price reductions are in demand internationally.  We believe that a new quality standard is essential for the solar battery manufacturing and semiconductor manufacturing industries to accommodate such demands. We have therefore developed a crystal quality measuring device that uses the "HS-CMR method," which is a new crystal quality measuring technology that was developed at the Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University.
The measuring devices equipped with the "HS-CMR (Hi Speed-Current Modulating Resistivity) Method" that we have developed are capable of measuring quality not only at the surface but also on the inside of crystals at the wafer stage.  The HS-CMR method is capable of measuring the "effective resistance" of wafers by measuring the resistance while varying the current through the application of the four-point probe method.
The effective resistance reflects the total of the majority and minority carriers that are not trapped by crystal defects or impurities.  By analyzing the transition of resistance or effective resistance using its unique algorithm, the HS-CMR method can obtain the "potential conversion efficiency," which is the only quality factor that accurately reflects the crystal quality. 

The measurements obtained through the HS-CMR method will be useful for the improvement/development of crystal growth and device process. 
Product: Silicon wafer-effective carrier measuring device for solar cells
This measuring device measures the total number of effective carriers among all the minority and majority carriers in a silicon wafer 
and evaluates the crystal quality of the wafer by calculating its potential conversion efficiency through the HS-CMR method (Hi Speed-Current Modulating Resistivity).

This allows us to accurately measure wafer quality in solar batteries, which has previously been difficult to evaluate, and to quickly solve the issues facing the manufacturers of ingots, wafers and cells.

[What we do]
Check the quality state of received goods/the state of organic cleaning
Check the state of inorganic cleaning or deterioration of cleaning fluid
Check the effect of texture and deterioration of etchants

Improvement of conversion efficiency
Improvement of development efficiency
Improvement of rejection rate

* Evaluation is possible without cell conversion.
* Significant reduction of the time and cost taken for cell conversion.






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