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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:12

JEDIC Co., Ltd.

Speedy delivery of high-quality and safe items

We offer a wide range of products from general electronic equipment to electronic parts. We handle unit products, relay harnesses and connectors. We are also developing our own production system to achieve efficiency and labor savings.

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A company that goes one step further
Electronic equipment, electronic parts
JEDIC manufactures products for diverse fields from industrial electronics, domestic electronics to components of various amusement electronics.
In our production process, we conduct productions with high quality, low cost, safety, and comfort while strictly following the environmental protection measures and relevant laws/regulations, as well as ensuring speedy delivery.
Moreover, in addition to the production of parts/items that meet the requirements of our customers, we work toward further improvement of product quality and expansion of our lineups, for instance, through the development of new standard or unit products jointly produced with companies we are working with.
System development
At JEDIC, we are actively engaging in the in-house development of production systems. Through the feedback from the production site, we are conducting diverse developments for accommodating several requirements of our customers, such as the improvement in efficiency, reduction of required manpower, speeding up for quick deliveries, and multilingual support.
LED business
Energy saving /long lifespan/resource saving
 We provide LED lighting that is one step ahead.

[From development to sales of new generation LED lights]

LED lights save energy, have a long lifespan, and save resources. They are drawing attention from diverse fields as fourth-generation lighting sources. The motto of JEDIC is “Low cost, high quality, and made-in-Japan.” Following this principle, we provide wide variety of new generation LED lights from train stations and urban commercial facilities to your homes.

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