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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:37:14

Fujidenolo Co. Ltd.

We plan, design, and handle the production and sales of medical equipment and health care products, the production of industrial machines such as those for semiconductors, electric machines, medical machines, and aviation machines, and the production of each type of plastic part in the fields of interior equipment, decorative equipment, and amusement.

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Medical care equipment, health care products
The fields of medical care and health attract attention in our aging society. 
We produce devices and parts related to medical care and/or health, and import medical equipment. 

We also make endeavors for the tools necessary for advanced medical care and for the production of products necessary for training. 

[Medical care field] 
 ■ Related to image diagnosis in the department of radiology 
 ・Magnetic detector 
 ・Wheelchairs compatible with high magnetic field MRI 
 ・Sound and image system for MRI 
 ■ Related to medical treatment in the department of radiology 
 ・Bolus collimator for particle beam therapy 
 ・Absorbent cushion compatible with MRI/CT 
 ・Bolus for radiation therapy 
 ・Device to fasten the patient for radiation therapy 
 ・QA camera phantom for radiation therapy 
 ・Special bed for medical care 

[Health care field] 
 ・"B-da," a device to produce carbonated water at home
・"B-da ver. 2," a device to produce high density carbonated water
Semiconductor manufacturing device
Semiconductor manufacturing devices used for the production of semiconductors (IC) can be any of the following: a device to form various material films, a device that uses photo etching technology to process the form of material films, a device to add a tiny amount of impurities, an assembling device, an inspection device, and other various devices. 

Our company handles the functional parts on or in silicon wafer cleaning devices and/or filming devices, which are said to be part of preprocessing. Resin (PVC, PTFE), which is a material with high chemical proof performance and not easily corroded, super engineering plastics (PI, PEEK) with high strength around the silicon wafer and with high rigidity, resins with high heat resistance performance to endure high temperatures, and special resins with a variety of functions are used often because they are utilized for the cleaning process with chemicals; we use accurate and high level technology for the processing, the accuracy of which conforms with quality requirements. 
In addition, as fine semiconductor technology advances, devices and environments with greater cleanliness are requested; we therefore construct production methods and the production environments to cope with the said requests.
Electrical and electronic equipment
Electricity and electronics are fields in which further miniaturization, precision, and lightness are advancing rapidly. 
We support comprehensive manufacturing, from the enhancement of the functions of customers' products to the improvement in productivity by making proposals for further efficient and functional manufacturing, such as proposals for using materials to control static electricity and charged electricity, for forms that can exercise desired functions in an efficient manner, and for the pursuit of cost effectiveness by reducing the processes in production through streamlining. 

Furthermore, we provide, through cooperation with our partner companies that have a wide range of technology for fine manufacturing and processing, services related to processing of a variety of materials such as single resin precision parts, gold, ceramic, and other scrape-resistant materials, surface treatment, and coating, as well as assembly processing for assembly products, all integrated under our quality control and production management system.
In addition, we provide support, from a variety of perspectives, for the designing, production, and assembling, including any manufacturing by original imaging assembly tools, inspection tools, etc., based on the problems of customers.
Medical care equipment
We produce and provide dialysis devices, eye examination devices, blood analysis devices, other medical care equipment and medical analysis devices, resin parts used for medical equipment, state-of-the-art computer radio wave imaging devices (CT), nuclear magnetic resonance imaging devices (MRI), other large-scale parts, high-strength resin beds made of CERP, radio wave transparent beds, and various functional parts that make use of the characteristics of resin. 

In addition, we make use of diffusion bonding technology, our unique minuscule processing patented technology, to develop and produce DNA chips, bio chips, etc., and make use of the latest nanoimprint technology to produce cell cultivation sheets by making use of minuscule patterns. 

We comprehensively give support to manufacturing in the field of medical equipment with our quality control systems, production management systems, and traceability systems that cannot be done by any party other than the manufacturer of its original products, and with the certifications for production and sales of medical care equipment based on our unique management system compliant with ISO through the OEM production of medical equipment.
We have been introducing new processing technology and providing products for a long time in the aviation industry, such as processing the cowling cover for small airplanes and helicopters, the production of acrylic windows of YS-11, the processing of honeycomb materials used for the interior of middle-class aircrafts, etc., ever since the days of the establishment of our company, which led to innovation in the technology. 

Currently, we provide resin parts, with state-of-the-art materials, using the various types of processing technology that we have accumulated for a long time, including major adjustment parts for the latest Boeing 787, intensified plastic parts to protect bolts and relevant components, resin parts of MRJ, the first passenger plane to be made in the country in half a century, and so forth. 

We were quick to introduce new material processing and forming technology, including the processing of resin that is strengthened with state-of-the-art carbon fiber, in the aviation industry where technological advancement for light planes is ongoing and thus, have established our unique processing technology. 

In addition, our strength lies in our long-term experience and know-how on coping with the aviation industry, such as our speedy processing system, supply system, unique quality control system, and so forth.
Area of sensing
Most equipment we encounter in our everyday lives today functions by "measuring" various things. 

If you cannot input data accurately, you will not get outputs; therefore, "measure" = "sensing" are important keywords and they cannot be omitted from the current society. 
With sensors, we can detect information that we cannot perceive with our own five senses, and thus, we are now able to receive the movement of various "things" as data. 

In order to collect necessary events in the form of data, there are a variety of sensing devices being developed day by day and month by month. 

We are making efforts to develop super sensitive sensors that can be applied to a variety of fields together with the sensor technology we have cultivated in the medical care and industrial fields. 
We propose packages as a system to respond to a variety of sites and the needs of customers.
Fields of interior and decoration
With commercial facilities and other customer-gathering facilities covered by our area of business, we have been allowed to work with a large number of designers and indoor decoration service providers from the design stage of building stores. 

We make use of the knowledge and experience we have accumulated so far and respond accurately to the requests of customers who "want to do something," and thus, we have achieved a large number of accomplishments and earned their trust. 

We respond to a variety of requests from customers, dealing with planning, designing, and production in-house, as well as enriching our processing areas to include original plates, light performance with LEDs, and the production of signs illuminated inside with LEDs.
Field of amusement
With a variety of effects for game machines being desired, we have been producing parts focusing on transparent resin, which has rich decorative characteristics. 

We have introduced a dedicated facility and our original facility to construct an integrated production system that covers resin processing and decoration processing. 

In addition, we are focusing also on creating decorations desired by the market and effect-causing items; we are helping a large number of users with the development of new types by making fresh proposals that make use of our Fujidenolo procurement network as well as the abundant information that cannot be obtained by any other party but us, being in communication with other industries.

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