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Latest update: 19/08/2021 14:36:47

Kohyo Co., Ltd.

We contribute to the food cultures of the world, aiming for the stable supply of safe food.

We import a variety of marine products such as frozen, chilled, live, and other products from North America, Central and South America, Asia, Oceania, and so forth for sale in the country. We also import livestock products, farm products, processed food, etc. 
In addition, we process marine products into deboned fish, cut fish, grilled fish, etc., at our partner processing factories overseas and export them to various countries all over the world. We conform to the regulations that are specific to each country, and also handle high-mix small lot orders.

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We mainly export marine products.
Importing a rich variety of food
We import a wide range of ingredients such as marine products, livestock products, and farm products from countries all over the world such as from North America, Central and South America, Asia, Oceania, and Europe. 
We use our unique network such as our business bases in various countries overseas to find new producing areas, to produce unique materials and processed products in local sites for our import, and to cope with "development import" not limited to the stable supply of food.
Processing, producing, and selling food
Utilizing marine ingredients procured from Asian countries, Europe, North America, and the like, we remove fish bones, cut fish, grill fish, process sushi shrimp, broil fish, process dainties, and perform other processes to add value to products for import and sale in Japan. 
We make efforts to improve the quality, prices, and safety by our uniform management from ingredients to final products.
Exporting food
We propose, export, and sell various foods, food ingredients, seasonings, and so forth to the markets of the world, focusing on seafood and processed marine products. 
With our know-how cultivated with past accomplishments over the last 40 years, we conform to the detailed regulations that are different for each country and also handle high-mix small lot orders. 
Based on those experiences, we proactively make investments overseas, cooperate with overseas enterprises, conduct investigations for advancing overseas, plan and propose new businesses, and many more.

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