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Latest update: 18/10/2022 14:29:39

Kyoritsu Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

We manufacture automotive parts by responding flexibly to meet our customers’ requests.

We speedily and flexibly manufacture mostly automotive parts, from single items to batches of about 1,000 pieces.  Our in-house integrated production system enables us to meet difficult delivery times that other companies cannot accept.  In addition to automotive parts, we meet our customers’ needs in every field

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Kyoritsu Manufacturing's processing content
Data conversion using CAD/CAM
With our in-house integrated production, we can accommodate deadlines that other companies cannot meet. We are extremely flexible, and we can produce lots ranging from a single piece to approximately 1,000 pieces. Our main output is car parts. However, we can accommodate needs in all other fields. Please feel free to make an inquiry.
Using the ZAS-type blast furnace, which requires a lower temperature for melting, is easy to process and recyclable with respect to our casting, which is why reduction of work time and cost became possible.
The ZAS blast furnace can melt 1.1 t each time and 4 t per day. The maximum size for dies and molds is a length of 1,600 mm, width of 600 mm, and height of 400 mm, which is the largest size that the machining center used in the next step can handle. As we produce the materials for dies and molds in-house, we can start the production immediately if the process setting can be determined and the mold size can be planned at the point of receiving the order. This enables quick delivery.
Machining production
The mold is produced through machining. If the shape is simple, the machining of the mold can be finished on the same day. The bed has a width of 1,600 mm and depth of 600 mm, and the maximum die and mold size is a width of 1,600 mm, depth of 600 mm, and a height 400 mm. The number of spindle revolutions is 6,000 rpm. It can accommodate a wide variety of processing from heavy cutting to finishing. To shorten processing cycle times, rough processing is conducted first, followed by the finishing to make the workpiece match the product requirement.
We use the mold produced through machining for pressing. We can accommodate lots ranging from a single piece to approximately 1,000 pieces. The maximum processing capability of our press is 500 t, and it is of die-cushion type.
The die cushion is 150 t. The bed size is 2,000 mm × 1,500 mm. We can accommodate everything from the bending of thick plates to deep drawing using die cushions.
Laser processing
After the pressing, laser processing and assembly are conducted. The maximum output of the 3D laser processing machine is 5 kW. It can perform high-speed cutting of up to 12 mm-thick boards. Moreover, we are capable of laser welding. Thus, we can accommodate the diverse requests of our customers. The rated capacity of the spot welder is 95 kVA, and it has an inverter power supply with a rated maximum welding current of 27,000 A. Spot welding is capable of processing thick materials and can support the production of special nuts and bolts.
Production of inspection jigs and various gauges
We produce inspection jigs such as wooden mold gauges and resin gauges. Precision is expected from inspection jigs. Therefore, we utilize our technician’s expertise and the latest design/production systems to produce gauges that can satisfy our customer requirements.

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