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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:27

Takahashi Tyuzo Co., Ltd.

Please let us take care of your requirements with our quick delivery, small lot, and cast-iron trial manufacturing.

We offer trial manufacturing with quick delivery and small lots. We have been in the casting industry, which uses many affiliated companies, for over 60 years and have dealt with more than 100 companies since we were founded, which has helped us to accumulate the required know-how to enable us to produce a variety of products in small lots with quick delivery. Customers can order over the Internet.  They only need to wait for the product to arrive, thanks to our door-to-door delivery service. Please contact us for various spare parts.

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Production achievements
Examples of products
Gear box
As the core cannot be fixed, we solved it using a suspended core.
Carrier (construction machine)
Double core. For important safety parts, it is essential to eliminate internal defects.
Meter unit (gas)
The measurement tolerance toward the section direction is 0.8. These steps previously required extra processing, which is no longer necessary.
Lid (for waterworks)
We used a gauge to ensure correct measurement of the center hole. Cavities can easily occur in the tap parts. We devised a method to prevent cavities.
Elbow (for construction machine)
It can work with three-dimensional internal hole shapes.
Internal crank hole was glued. It became possible with the core.
Mixing elbow (engine part)
Its bag shape prevents gas defects. Core sand and degassing prevent gas defects.
Examples of products
As it is a hydraulic part, extra attention is paid to prevent cavities.
Cage (for construction machinery)
Oil holes go through both the exterior and interior. Attention was paid to fix the hole position and to ensure no sand/burrs are left inside.
Cylinder (Machine tool)
The diameter of its core is only 10 m/m; therefore, it was coated to prevent galling.
Compressor housing
A snail-like coiled core was glued.
Upper frame (Manhole)
The threaded portion that is normally machined was casted instead.
Saddle band 
The stopper is fixed with bolts. The tolerance of each side is 0.3 m/m.

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