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To make innovation happen with the core technology for electricity and machinery

We develop automation devices, robots, and so forth to embody efficient production systems such as car manufacturing facilities and semiconductor manufacturing systems, liquid crystal manufacturing devices, FA control systems, and so forth. We propose the optimum FA systems in consideration of quality, cost, and safety that can only be achieved by Isuzu Dengyo Co., Ltd.

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"Integration of machinery and electricity" - the manufacturing of Isuzu
Challenging the possibilities of FA technology
In diversifying automation needs, people want systems that can cover whole industry fields such as automobiles, home appliances, food, and physical distribution with image processing, servo systems, PC systems, sensor technology, measurement processing technology, and so forth being integrated. 
System integrators have the responsibility of figuring out how to fuse different types of technologies. Isuzu advances the fusion of its accumulated automatic assembling technology and state-of-the-art technology to develop new possibilities. We have been strenuously working on the development of FA technology that promotes innovation in production, which is helpful to the industry.
For the optimization of automation needs
It is desirable for "automation" to not only pursue efficiency but also to contribute to further highly functional applications based on intelligent applications and the development of a comfortable work environment in harmony with humans. 
In order to realize safe and easy-to-use facilities as well as the enhancement of functions, Isuzu pursues the optimization of facilities suitable for the needs by developing activities closely related to customers, from planning, introduction, and maintenance to after-sales service.
Electric component system business to support industrial production
Making best use of state-of-the-art technology to lead industrial production to "fast, accurate, and safe" fields 

■ Various types of electric panels/harness production (single products/mass-produced products available) 
We can design and manufacture all kinds of electric panels and harnesses, such as distribution panels, drive power panels, control panels, operation panels, relay panels, etc. In addition, in cooperation with our Vietnam plant (Itec), we are also good at handling overseas projects (Southeast Asia). 

■Electric instrument control system 
Our integrated production includes designing, production, and making final adjustments, without distinction between mechanical and electrical (including control) equipment, for facility machines associated with labor saving, streamlining, and automation of each company. 

■Production management system (POP system) 
We set up various management systems at places of production, covering inventory management, security management, product traceability systems, etc. 
We compose systems that meet the needs and operation methods of customers, pursue ease of use, and contribute to customer production management. 

■Device development (machine electricity system) 
We handle designing, development, production, and adjustment of various types of harness production tools and devices in an integrated manner. We also challenge new fields with the dream of developing our own original products.

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