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We are a pioneering manufacturer of plastic multi-layer tube film

Triple Nylon and other multi-layer tube films are tube-like composite films with three to five layers combining multiple resin layers including nylon and polyethylene. These composite films are used to wrap many brands of preserved foods. They are also used for electronics parts, industrial applications, and all other fields, so these films have limitless possibilities.

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Sales Pitch

Our film technology helps support food culture and industrial development.
[Livestock farming]
Our technology flexibly satisfies various use conditions from freezing to boiling. The technology maintains the fleshy feel of these foods thanks to its high oxygen barrier performance.
Examples of wrapping: Ham, sausage, meat blocks, dairy products

Our products can be used reliably on hard, pointy crustaceans. The film sticks to the contents, so fish bones and other details will come clearly to the surface.
Examples of wrapping: Shrimp, prawns, crabs, salmon, mackerel, kamaboko processed fish paste

[Pickles and vegetables]
Our technology preserves produce to be as fresh as when it was collected. Outstanding transparent, flexible strong film makes it seem even tastier.
Examples of wrapping: Lightly pickled vegetables, kimchi, cut vegetables

[Processed foods]
Our technology also enables prolonged preservation in combination with an oxygen scavenger. You can use it for a wide range of purposes from ordinary retail to gifts. 
Examples of wrapping: Side dishes, seasonings, noodles, miso
Medical and industrial areas
[Medical treatment]
Our products are also increasingly in demand in medical treatment as well with the advent of a full-fledged aged population.
Examples of wrapping: Transfusion bags, transfusion packs, scrubs, petri dishes

Our film has excellent antistatic effects, gas barrier performance, and cleanness. Its performance is demonstrated with regard to electronics parts that are vulnerable to trace quantities of dust or static electricity. 
Examples of wrapping: Computer boards, hard disks

Our film responds vigorously to machine parts that need to be highly resistant to pinholes and rust.
Examples of wrapping: Screws, washers, bearings, parts

Our film is used in manufacturing, architecture, piping, road works, and various other industries.
Examples of wrapping: Cement, adhesives, fertilizers, materials
Introduction to our products for designated uses
[Automotive interiors]
Our film is used as members of automotive ceilings, dashboard panels, and other equipment.

[Breast milk packages for freezing]
The film adheres easily by winding it around and applying a sticker. It is already sterilized with gamma rays to ensure its hygiene. You can carefully preserve precious breast milk.

[Shrinkable label film]
We plan and sell shrinkable labels for use on PET bottles and other uses. We have made a one-stop solution a reality in collaboration with an affiliate, covering from design to printing, processing, and sales.

[Various polyurethane products]
We also develop polyurethane products by making use of their elastic properties, and we anticipate they will be used for various applications in the future.
Typical uses: Restoration material for pipe restoration, air mats

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