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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:29

Fujii Machinery Co., Ltd.

Our company assists with the manufacturing of products that make customers say “delicious” with a smile,

Our company manufactures and sells commercial food machines, mainly machines for manufacturing confectionery and bread. We provide consistent services from product development to after-sales maintenance. We have contributed to labor saving and energy saving in the food industry with abundant models, unique technologies and delivery achievements particularly in the field of agitators and molding machines.	

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Integrated system of developing, manufacturing, assembling, and maintaining food processing machines
Related to foods
We can meet your needs by combining various products of heating, stirring, kneading, molding, and toothpick stitching.
Our company has machines of various sizes for purposes ranging from small-volume production to mass-production according to location of installation.
・ Sanitary sifter (high-speed automatic weighing machine): Capable of weighing powder while sifting
This machine can be disassembled and its parts can be cleaned sanitarily.
・ Auto cutter (automatic fixed-size food cutting machine): Optimum for saving labor and streamlining cutting processes
・ Gohei mochi molding machine: Molding Gohei mochi (rice cake) with uniform quality
・ Pillar mounting bean kneading machine: Best selling machine for 50 years
・ IH heating stirrer/IH rotary universal kneader: Having multiple functions for boiling, cooking, stir-frying, and deep-frying
・ Rotary universal kneader (falling type/fixed type): Realizing the same natural stirring and cooking as hand kneading. Our long-selling machine!
・ Universal stirrer: Heat stirrer with excellent hygiene and durability, proven in many fields
・ Sanitary shifter (powder sifter/powder conveyor): Capable of conveying powder while sifting
This machine can be disassembled and its parts can be cleaned in a sanitary way.
Related to Japanese sweets
We support a consistent production system by using products of various processes from steaming, heating, stirring, squeezing, and forming materials.
From small-volume production machines to mass-production machines, we offer sizes according to various installation locations.
・ Horizontal mixer for confectionery
The best dough with the optimum shape of the tank and the blades.
・ Stainless steel food toothpick
Complicated toothpick cutting work saves 3-4 people
・ Food processing mixer Mochi
Two types for rice cakes or dumplings can be used according to the application
・ Fully automatic rice cake mill
Hand-milling of rice cake milling, automatic reworking as it is
・ Steamer
Steaming and kneading can be done in a short time with this one unit
・ Fully automatic molding machine (wet tableting machine)
It can be automatically and easily produced to your own shape and taste..
・ Mochi/confectionery depositor
 Original depositor capable of mass production from many types and small quantities
Bread/Western sweets
We offer the most suitable and best dough for confectionery dough and bread dough depending on the shape for the tank and blades.
Combination with a kneading machine enables the production of bean jam, cream, etc., and enables consistent production of products.
・ Horizontal Warner Mixer
Ideal for stirring and mixing. Mixing without uneven dough, also supports high viscosity dough.
・ 8 bags of horizontal Warner mixer
 Warner mixer for biscuits for ultra-high viscosity dough
・ Horizontal bread mixer
The best dough with the optimum shape of the tank and the blades.

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