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We contribute to the development of local communities through our business.

Public works that utilize civil engineering technologies such as road construction, seawall construction, tunneling work, and wind power generation facilities. From large-scale constructions such as schools, hospitals, hotels, factories and apartments to custom-built detached houses, we have won awards for excellent construction every year since our founding.
Construction and operation of recycling plants for a recycling-oriented society. We promote construction that uses new technologies, such as large-scale construction without pillars (using astylar large-space construction methods) that is earthquake-resistant and durable.

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Civil engineering and pavement business
Civil engineering
Our experience, technology, and expertise are used in creating foundation for various local environments such as construction of highways, tunnels, industrial estate and river embankments, and installation of sewers.
Road paving
Our paving technology is used in public roads, parking lots, factory grounds, and common private roads.
Construction business
Building achievements
The important points in the design and construction of public facilities such as schools and governmental buildings, office buildings, medical facilities, apartment blocks, stores, factories, and houses are all different from each other.
We utilize the skills and expertise we have acquired over many years for building these facilities. We offer design and construction through to aftersales service.

You can expect to be impressed by the colors and designs of our company, which blend well with the local environment, pioneering new ideas and expressive ability that can represent everyone’s individuality.
Freestanding buildings (Yume Kobo)
[Yume Kobo, Imai Corporation]
When you exit the elevator at the 4th floor of Imai Corporation’s Hamada Building (Aoi-cho, Hamada) and enter the door immediately to your left, there is the “Show Room,” with its stylish and calm atmosphere (right picture), and reception.
In the show room, models of houses, construction material samples, and kitchens are displayed
for the presentation of standard technical specifications such as thermal insulation and earthquake resistance,
as well as information on energy-saving houses. There is also a spacious area for meetings with customers.
House for sale
With our integrated system, Imai Corporation provides safe and comfortable ready-built houses for our customers and offers many years of security through continuous maintenance, inspection, and after-sales support.

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