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An innovative company that constantly challenges itself with new fields

We develop and manufacture the printed circuit board press equipment and new material pressing equipment using heat and pressure control technology. In our labor-saving equipment machinery business, we develop and provide unique machinery such as special lifts, stockers, automated warehouses, integrated lines for top sealing production for automobile use and aircraft maintenance stands.

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Sales Pitch

Vacuum press equipment that is essential for printed circuit board manufacturing
Printed circuit boards are used in every type of electronics that are widespread today, including smartphones and tablet terminals. Our vacuum press is essential for the production of this printed circuit board. It is capable of high standard temperature, pressure, and vacuum control, and we have received high praise from leading printed circuit board makers, semiconductor makers, EMS, electronic components makers, and electric/electronic device makers worldwide.
Our strengths
We continue to synthesize our original heat/pressure control technology with the latest technology to develop unique, high-performance and high-quality products. They will contribute to the development of new products, improvement of productivity, and energy saving by our customers.
With various presses for evaluation installed in our company, we conduct an evaluation testing under all manner of conditions.
Applications in various fields
Our original technology that molds resins while applying even amounts heat and pressure in a vacuum environment is beginning to be applied to many fields. We continue to contribute to the weight reduction and motorization of cars as well as the environmental energy field through, for instance, multistage laminators for solar panels, curved laminators that do not require dies and molds, press molding machines for automobile power module, carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), and press for stampable sheet.

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