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Latest update: 13/01/2021 14:27:09

Data Horizon Corporation.

Development and analysis digitization technology for receipts (medical bills). 

We build medical databases for analysis.  Utilizing our patented "medical cost grouping technology" and "disease management system" has made it possible to predict illnesses becoming severe and to offer appropriate instruction according to the exact stage of each patient’s disease, in addition to calculating appropriate medical costs according to the disease or injury.

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Data-health plan
We provide full data health PDCA from specific medical examination receipt data.
We provide everything in the PDCA cycle, from support for data health planning (P), implementation of health services such as instruction to optimize the prevention of worsening of diabetic nephropathy and other types of diagnosis (D), and checking of these processes (C) to replanning of the data health plan (A).
Health business with visible effects created from the needs of insurers
This is a health business support service with visible effects (outcomes) that adds the needs of many insurers to the business content of Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture, in an advanced example of a data health planning model.
Providing data health related services for livelihood protection
Following the revision of the Daily Life Security Act, data health engagement is now also required for welfare.  We use our expertise and experience in providing data health related service to insurers to provide to the welfare system. 
Receipt analysis technology
Medical expense grouping technology (Patent No. 4312757)
Receipts are bills that are issued by individual medical organizations. This has led to problems such as obfuscating the medical cost of each disease and injury. However, our patented medical cost grouping technology (medical cost breakdown and analysis device, medical cost breakdown, and analysis method and the computer program) has made it possible not only to calculate the appropriate medical cost of each disease but also to extract only the cost of the disease or injury that is currently being treated. 
Injury and illness management system (Patent No. 5203481)
It is a technology that assess the severity of diseases and injuries and puts them in a hierarchy, based on the disease/injury identification information, medication identification information and treatment identification information that is included in the receipts.
[Application examples]
Used for identification of patients whose diabetes must be prevented from worsening.  It became possible to rank diabetic patients according to the severity of their illness, to predict future deterioration and to offer instructions appropriate for the appropriate stage of the disease in each identified patient. 

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