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Latest update: 05/02/2020 14:39:53

Nakamura Construction Company

We are a nearby construction company that is convenient for the community, offering architectural, civil engineering, new housing construction, renovation, and other services.

Our company handles architectural and civil engineering works, and we flexibly support all other works related to construction such as electrical and piping work. We are close to our community, and satisfy a wide range of requirements from maintenance to land use, and from construction of new housing to refurbishment and renovation. 

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Our strengths as a comprehensive construction company
We have expanded our business to general architecture, civil engineering, and equipment works, and we now have a system as a comprehensive construction company. Each department may undertake works independently, and we can also undertake a whole project as a local general contractor to engage in all processes from civil engineering to architectural, electrical, piping, and other works. This is a great characteristic of our company.

We make use of our internal interdepartmental collaboration to provide speedy, meticulous responses that realize construction with high customer satisfaction.

- Developing or constructing embankments, retaining walls, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure
- Building public, commercial, medical, welfare, and other facilities
- Constructing housing and repairing houses

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Chugoku Head Office, SMRJ