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Latest update: 06/04/2023 16:20:49

Matsushiba Engineering Corporation

We are an engineering company that supports electric power infrastructure for the stable supply of electric energy.

We develop monitoring and control systems for power infrastructure through Japanese power companies. We offer a wide range of services, from software specification studies to program creation and function testing, in order to play an important role in supporting people's "ordinary lives" by ensuring a stable supply of electricity.

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Business description
Software business
To meet the needs of domestic electric power companies, we examine specifications, create programs, conduct tests, and do software development. The system has many functions, and teams are formed for each function to proceed with development. Functions are broadly divided into online functions (information transmission, monitoring, control, planning, etc.) and offline functions (recording statistics, man-machine, maintenance, etc.).
Test Work
This work guarantees the quality of systems produced in the software business. We create test plans and conduct tests based on the specifications. We conduct normal/abnormal case and stress tests at our factory, and after passing a witnessed test with the customer, we connect to actual on-site equipment in the production environment at the delivery destination and conduct the final functional test to ensure quality.
Field work
We guarantee the quality of the hardware (electrical circuits) of grid protection relay systems installed at power stations and substations of domestic electric power companies. As such, our work places are power stations and substations (work sites) nationwide (from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south). On-site, we conduct individual, sequential, and comprehensive tests of relay systems. Trends in recent years are that the performance (intelligence) of hardware has improved and test cases have become diverse and complicated.

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