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Tac Co., Ltd.

Open the future of shield technology

Providing backfilling and other total solutions in shield construction. We developed and announced our two-liquid type backfilling engineering in 1976 to advance the conventional shield construction in a groundbreaking manner; as of the present, we have accumulated achievements on more than 1,200 sites.

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Back-fill injection
What is back-fill injection?
In the shield method, a shield machine is used to prevent the collapse of the soil for excavation, and blocks made of steel or concrete called segments are assembled in the form of a ring. Using these segments as counterforce, the excavation goes forward repeatedly to make a tunnel. The purpose of back-fill injection is to promptly fill the tail void, which is formed during shield excavation, and stabilize the segments to prevent the sinking of soil and from affecting constructed structures.
NEO-TAC method
The back-fill injection TAC method (pseudo-consolidation back-fill injection method) of the two-liquid type clay sand system was developed for the first time in the world in 1976. 

"NEO-TAC method" is a two-liquid type plastic back-fill injection method that newly has "enhanced long distance pressurized transfer performance," "enhanced long time stability," and "elongated long distance pressurized transfer performance" brought about by adjusting the amount of air to 10 to 15 percent of liquid A in addition to the characteristics of the conventional TAC method; in other words, it is "the pseudo-consolidation back-fill injection that is not easily diluted with water," it provides "the early emergence of strength," and it offers a "sure filling performance."
Features of the NEO-TAC method
-The air pressure force pressurized and compressed at the time of injection reduces the release of stress of the tail void. 
-The variance in injection pressure is made smooth to reduce the change in stress to the nearby soil. 
-The amount of unit water is reduced to be able to ensure the emergence of strength earlier and to increase strength. 
-The bearing effect of fine air enhances the filling performance to the tail void.
Environmental project
An ecofriendly, microbe-using cleaning agent 
 Can be used for waste water, muddy water, offensive odors, blue-green algae, washing red tide, removing dirt from river conservation work, etc. 
 Microbes absorb and decompose ammonia, nitrous acid, nitric acid, hydrogen sulfide, and sulfur compounds. 

* By simply "sprinkling" it over a small puddle, a large area affected with sea pollution, a whole gulf, lakes, etc., the product can be easily introduced. 
"Bio-colony," the cleaning agent for fresh water and sea water, was also verified for water quality purification at the aquaculture fishing grounds in the West Japan area.

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