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We are a distributor of food and information

We supply food, and also provide comprehensive support for bars and restaurants in all operations from property mediation to promoting sales. 

We will contribute to food culture by providing safety and reliability with the distribution network, information-providing abilities, product planning and development abilities, and expertise that we have cultivated over many years.

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Foods in general, liquor wholesaling
We purchase fresh fish early in the morning, and deliver them to our customers on the same day
Our company handles a wide range of seafood, ranging from fresh fish to frozen seafood.

We have the right to purchase at the Central Wholesale Market, and we make use of the discerning eye we have cultivated over the years to purchase high-quality fresh fish every day. We can handle all kinds of fish distributed in the market.

We also have a processing plant in the Central Wholesale Market, where we carefully process fresh fish we purchase that day (deboning, filleting, etc.) according to your requests, and deliver them to you on the same day.

We deliver all kinds of fish with the superior discernment of experts who are particular about freshness and never compromise, from fresh fish in season to inexpensive mass-consumption fish.
A large selection of pork, chicken and beef, from domestic to imported products
We handle a wide range of meat products from the top rank A5 to price-competitive imported unprocessed meat, and we purchase raw unprocessed and processed meat while monitoring markets in Japan and abroad.

We meet the needs of our customer restaurants with a wide range of more than 200 items, including Japanese beef, crossbred meat, Holstein beef, beef from multiparous beef cows, brand pork, domestic pork and chicken, and imported beef, pork and chicken. 

We offer a wide range of products, from reasonably priced products to high-quality specialty items, including almost all types of Japanese beef, pork, and chicken, both domestic and overseas, from chilled to chilled-frozen raw materials and processed products.
Pursuing a new style of distribution. We provide restaurants with inexpensive but highly fresh vegetables and rice with our unique style of direct delivery from the producers.
The concept of SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel) has become common in the world of fast fashion. By integrated production from manufacturing to retail, this system has made it possible to supply high-quality merchandise at low prices, which has drastically changed the traditional system of distribution. These trends are naturally not irrelevant in food distribution. Our company has long been striving to reform the distribution system. One example is joint ventures with producers. We have been able to further improve product quality by confirming the quality of soil as well as discussing and producing products one by one. This new form of distribution in which producers are involved in the marketing allows them to hear the voices of consumers, which is also leading to the development of the next generation of farming.
Product development solutions
We offer new menu proposals directly linked to sales, merchandise that will generate new sales, and so on.
We create new value by responding to ever-changing needs in various specialized areas.

We contribute to your future by providing support through food.

The term "terminal" can mean a starting point, ending point, branching point, nodal point, and connecting point, so it includes many roles.

As its name implies, Japan Food Terminal was established with the mission of helping people in the food industry in all kinds of processes, including settling issues, using technology, and proposing new food scenes.

We support you from a position outside your organizations with the know-how and network that we cultivated for many years in the food industry, and with our group of professionals that we have organized in different fields.

If you have a function that you are struggling to build within your organization, please consult us. We will swiftly bring you maximum results.
Store opening support
Do you have any issues in opening a restaurant? We will give you full support as your partner for your ideal opening!
Act Kaigyo Navi is a website run by our company that helps you open a restaurant, applying our history of over 100 years of doing business with many restaurants centering on Hiroshima.

We launched this site to do something about the current state of the restaurant industry, where about 30% of restaurants close within a year of opening.

We give information about available properties, and also help people who want to open a businesses at low cost.

Our staff experts will give free advice to people who want to launch a business but do not know what to do.

Consult us for anything about restaurants, from how to open your business to how to run it better.
We provide food ingredients, and also comprehensive support for opening restaurants, ranging from property mediation to promoting sales.
Food ingredients are not the only things we distribute. For example, we also provide restaurant information. We provide a large amount of information about available properties on our website, covering mainly Hiroshima Prefecture. We also make use of the synergy of groups of highly specialized companies to comprehensively produce everything from kitchen equipment and facilities to menu proposals, all the way to the opening of a restaurant. Instead of just adding things together as in conventional practice, we combine products with information, then with know-how, to open up new possibilities in the food business.
Business-use food supermarkets and PROMART
We make use of our advantages of scale and work with manufacturers to develop private-brand products that our customers require.
The greatest advantage of our business-use food supermarkets and PROMART stores is their highly original lineup of products, which are not found in large supermarkets or convenience store chains.

Taking advantage of the economies of scale shared by both our commercial food division and store business, we have formed alliances with seasoning and frozen food manufacturers throughout Japan. We have developed about 200 private-brand products to date.

We set our own specifications for capacity, quality, pricing, and other parameters based on customer feedback and data from the sales floor, and outsource manufacturing to different manufacturers.

We develop products that are delicious, and also easy to use and convenient for customers.

We make use of this know-how to supply products to our own franchises, and supply products to SME supermarkets and produce private-brand products.
We create new forms of distribution, including franchises of our business and a chain of business-use food supermarkets throughout Japan.
We strive to provide the high cost performance and quality of commercial-use products to the general public as well as professionals.

The business-use food supermarkets we have launched under a new set of concepts are spreading nationwide.

To meet the even higher demands of professionals, we also develop and run diverse forms of distribution, including PROMART, which collects special food ingredients from all over the world, difficult-to-find seasonings, frozen food, cheese, and other foods.

With thorough safety control including inspection by our own quality control personnel, on-site inspection by external third-party laboratories, and other thorough safety control, we satisfy the needs of food and drink professionals and other consumers.
Environmental Department: Filter cleaning
Used filters can be cleaned, reused, and recycled
Most general filters in shops cannot be cleaned or regenerated, and must be replaced once they get dirty. 

Our company prepares special-purpose filters that can be cleaned and used repeatedly, which greatly reduces filter replacement expenses. This also reduces the amount of waste that you throw away at every replacement, and leads to environmentally friendly filter reuse. By regularly replacing filters every time you clean, you can keep the working environment healthy.

We have a wide variety of filters to choose from. Consult us first, and we will be happy to help.

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