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By utilizing the experience and technological capabilities nurtured during 85 years of manufacturing, we aim to produce products required by society.

We totally support manufacturing by performing processes including precision component processing and trial production as well as mass-production of various industrial equipment.  

In an integrated fashion, we perform processes ranging from design to production of complex shape rubber molds.

By using a double column type machining center with five-face machining equipment, we are able to highly accurately process large-sized products the size of which is up to 2,000 X 3,000 X 1,000. 
Thus, we are able to process various large-sized products such as large-sized cast-metal objects, large-sized frame components, various mold components, and various base components of industrial equipment.   

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Sales Pitch

- We excel in designing complex shape molds. -
Mold production by creating 3D CAD data 
Dedicated designers create 3D CAD data that is based on product drawings presented from clients. 
We produce approx. 40 molds every month. In particular, we have produced a lot of metal molds for automobile door weatherstrips. 
We have unique know-how in designing mold layouts that especially affect product quality. Our clients highly appreciate our mold production that enables the molding of high-quality rubber products with minimum burrs. 
Furthermore, we actively produce complex shape rubber molds which our rival companies cannot easily produce. After carefully considering various molding conditions, we perform processes such as designing molds and modeling electrodes.
- Creating CAM data based on 3D CAD model data -
We have introduced cutting-edge CAD/CAM CATIA V5 and use it to create NC data based on CAD model data meeting clients' needs. For the NC data creation, we use effective CAM, suitable for various conditions, for machining.
We consider processing conditions optimum for product shapes and endeavor to optimize quality, processing processes, and processing speed at a higher dimension.
By applying know-how in designing with CAD/CAM, which we have so far accumulated, we verify processing defects and processing accuracy in advance to reduce problems during actual processing and stably produce molds.
Center for Processing and Precurment agency service of Precision Parts
The Center for Processing and Precurment agency service of Precision Parts is a website dedicated to parts processing. The website is run by Hiraoka Kogyo Co., Ltd., a manufacturer which has supported the manufacturing of its many clients, many of whom are located in Hiroshima Prefecture, for more than 40 years.  
Engineers specializing in parts processing swiftly visit clients after receiving requests for processing and kindly answer various questions related to technology. We have established a reliable system of in-house processing, quality control, as well as delivery, and use subcontractors for procurement, product delivery, and so on. Through these measures, we meet a wide range of clients' needs.
Photo-based reliefs
- Concave-convex reliefs which are based on photos - 
We create realistic and profound reliefs based on your photos. 

We are able to create reliefs based on photos of various objects such as a person, family member, pet, building, house, car, and ship.  

We reflect your requests in the relief to be created. The requests include the material, framing, and a message.

<Main clients>
Hiroshima Toyo Carp and other clients
Original brand of Hiraoka Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Our basic philosophy is to contribute to an affluent society.

Regardless of genre or category, we continue pursuing the possibilities of "exciting" manufacturing, without forgetting our playful spirit. 

HIRAX wishes to be a company that is needed by society and that provides a joyful life.

<Main products>
Antivirus face shields and antivirus masks



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