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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:25:19


Our automatic single-piece cloth cutter provides the world's top cutting quality.

We design, manufacture, and distribute machines for cutting and spreading textile products. Our environmentally friendly ECOPIA® cutter, which needs no film or paper mat, is economical and helps increase productivity.

Our machines can handle knit fabrics, linings, synthetic leather, leather, and other materials as well as regular fabrics. They also excel at matching fabric patterns.

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Core technology and new functions
High-precision cutting
Our unique combination of rotary blades with lower blades can reproduce microscopic corners and smooth curves like those of paper-cutting art.

Our automatic single-piece cloth cutter achieves cuts that are faithful to CAD data, as only a single-sheet cutting machine can do. It provides high-precision cutting without concern for the deviations between the top and bottom layer in multilayer CAM.

The machine can handle regular fabrics, knit fabrics, linings, synthetic leather, and leather, up to 3 mm in thickness.

Fabrics can be cut as two or three pieces laid out in layers.
Projector pattern matching
Our unique projector projects the whole of a marker, enabling intuitive visual confirmation or its position in relation to the fabric, which dramatically improves fabric utilization yield. (You can minimize waste.)

Moreover, the marker can be moved in its entirety or in individual segments for high-precision pattern matching, which eliminates the need for the conventional process from rough cutting to pinning to cutting.
Micro notching
Notches required for sewing are accurately marked in a single cutting process.

Data from the CAD system operated by the user is used to reproduce V, concave, and I shapes with sizes of at least 2 mm.
Advanced automatic pattern matching by camera
A camera is used for high-precision pattern alignment and position detection.

[Typical uses]
Reading register marks in sublimation transfer printing
Manual or automatic pattern matching for check patterns to CAD-specified pattern points
Chalk marking and needle punching are possible
You can take advantage of the film-free cutting method to apply chalk marks and needle punches to each sheet of fabric by CAD in specified locations.

You can also use a screw-type chalk marker, ink-type erasable pen, or the like.
Automatic attachment of sorting labels
This device is for applying sorting labels. A label is applied after making a desired number of cuts using the X-Y function of the rational CAM unit. The label data can come from CAD or an Excel spreadsheet.

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