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Latest update: 17/04/2020 17:01:50

Toma Co., Ltd.

We manufacture "only-one" products with original technology and ideas.

As a "Toma of technology and ideas", we are consistently aiming at contributing to people's lives and society through manufacturing. We plan, develop, and manufacture various facilities & equipment, housing components, and wooden products.

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Innovative V-cutting method and product lineup
V cutting method
The technology symbolizing "Toma of technology and ideas" is the "V-cut method" developed by Toma. This is an epoch-making processing method that can bend a decorative board freely by giving V-cuts from various angles to the back side, leaving intact the face sheet printed with wood grain, etc. House interior products, such as living room and closet doors, using this technology have received a great deal of attention. They have subsequently triggered the dramatic improvement of production technology and quality for wood product processing.
Door products
・ At the same time as achieving high processing accuracy by the V-cut method, we have launched a number of high-quality products that respond to the high-grade orientation of living spaces, such as closet doors, living doors, and partition doors that take advantage of the texture and appeal of wood.
Toma will continue to develop more diverse and unique “wood” products under the theme of high added value in response to the times.
・ Living doors, closet doors, partition doors, etc.
V-TISS LIGHT-Free and neat box furniture that snuggles up to your life
Ultimate thinness and simplicity to keep the space orderly
・ The thickness of the box unit is only 8mm. The product has a neat appearance with sharp corners where you see do not see the screws or holes from any angle.
Enjoy a life of combining units and changing their combinations
・Since the basic box units are independent of each other, they can be placed vertically, horizontally, or upward. With the option to expand the range of combinations, you can enjoy various arrangements.
Enjoy various surface finishes
・ We prepared surface materials of not only popular wood grains but also ones that feel like leather, metal, or Japanese paper.

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