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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:55

Aqa Co., Ltd.

Environmentally friendly initiatives and technical support, with our high-quality technology

We are a manufacturer of various types of cleaners and labor-saving equipment, and resin processing. We clean semiconductors, LCD TVs, organic EL glass boards, and photovoltaic power generation boards, and we are highly acclaimed for our work. We use our advanced technology to manufacture cleaning equipment with high quality that cannot be found in existing products.

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Machinery manufacturing business
We have experience in handling various types of cleaning equipment.

In particular, we have been engaged in cleaning glass boards used in semiconductors and screens for LCD TVs, organic EL TVs, and other TVs, and we are highly acclaimed in various fields.

Recently we have also been involved in manufacturing cleaning equipment for photovoltaic power generation boards, which are attracting attention as a source of natural energy, to the satisfaction of our customers.

We also manufacture other products related to cleaning equipment, such as chemical feeders, jig cleaners, drafts, and so on.
Atmospheric plasma surface modification equipment
Our plasma devices can be used in an atmosphere at normal pressure, so they do not need a vacuum (depressurization) chamber or other equipment.

We can build simple, space-saving systems, and prototypes can be manufactured and installed on existing equipment at low cost.

You can expect to see higher quality in plating, painting, adhesion, and other operations, and use our technology effectively to remove microscopic foreign matter, promote chemical changes, and various other applications.

Our atmospheric plasma products are designed and manufactured in-house. We can manufacture equipment according to your conditions.
Resin processing
We handle a wide variety of resin processing, including polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polyacetal, PTFE, PEEK, ABS, polycarbonate, and Bakelite.

We also handle other orders for machining special gears, manufacturing brushes, and so on.

We prepare drawings and 3D images based on your image and specifications, and propose an optimal form.

Leave it to us for machined or processed products that cannot be replaced with ready-made products.

When a ready-made product is too small. When you use chemicals, so you need to develop products using a special resin.
When you want something that is not available as a ready-made product as research equipment.
When you want to fix sensors, nozzles, units, or other equipment.
When you want to remake a broken part.
When a device cover is broken. When you want to install a cover somewhere else.
When you are looking for a supplier that can make a device housing.
And so on…

Our company can handle these issues.

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