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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:05

Fujitaito Co.,Ltd.

Experience, technology, and extensive equipment to realize advanced machining

We are a metal part manufacturing company. We have five-axis machining centers, complex lathes, and numerous other pieces of equipment to realize advanced machining. The more complex and difficult-to-make machined products are, that cannot be made by our competition, the better we are able to demonstrate our abilities. We handle both prototyping and mass production. We use 3D printers to propose an optimal prototyping method to meet our customers' needs, then provide integrated service up to mass production.

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Business overview
Mass production
<Materials handled>
Mainly aluminum alloys, stainless steel alloys (SUS), iron, and other metals. We also handle titanium, Inconel, Invar alloys, and other difficult-to-cut materials. Please consult us about materials other than these.

<Applicable dimensions>
Max: With a machining center, 3,000 × 1,000 × 650
Max: With a lathe, diameter 500 × 800 

<Quantities producible in mass production>
Max: 5,000 pieces per month (achieved in 2010)
Die-cast parts, max: 30,000 pieces per month

<Metal machining technology>
We have NC tool grinders. We can insource special cutting tools suited for different materials.
We handle all kinds of materials and shapes with complex machining that combines various machining centers.

<Forging materials>
Castings and die castings
We can provide integrated production from manufacturing aluminum, iron, stainless steel, and other forging materials to machining, heat treatment, and surface treatment.
<3D printer>
An advantage of prototyping with a 3D printer is that it does not involve making a mold, so costs and lead time can be greatly reduced. It is also very suitable for small-lot prototyping, because you only have to replace data to make corrections.

<Metal modeling>
This is the latest technology that allows us to directly form products with a 3D printer from 3D data supplied by the customer. 

<Gypsum casting and lost wax>
A resin master model is prepared with a 3D printer to create molds instead of manufacturing with metal.
This method is the fastest way to manufacture castings without metal.
Class: 1,000
Dimensions: 12 m × 7 m × 2.3

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