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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:44

Ishida Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.

Producing metal workpieces by performing laser processing, pipe laser processing, can manufacturing, sheeting, welding, etc.

We are a metalworking manufacturer performing can manufacturing, sheeting, etc. for industrial machines. We perform high-mix low-volume production to produce products suited to the needs of clients, and deliver them in a short period. We are able to produce a single item or machinery and appliances that are based on drawings provided by clients.

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Laser processing
We are able to process steel the thickness of which is up to 16 mm, SUS (stainless steel) the thickness of which is up to 8 mm, and aluminum the thickness of which is up to 6 mm. As for SUS, we perform 99% clean cutting (nitrogen cutting) so that the cut-off sections are processed without any scorch.
Fiber laser welding
We weld the object with a laser beam diameter of 0.025 mm. 
You may think, "Since the laser beam diameter is very narrow, welding cannot be performed if there is a gap." However, we can change the setting to make the laser beam form a circle, so that the welding width will be up to 2 mm. Also, a welding rod can be inserted. On polished materials such as stainless steel, the welding width can be thin, reducing scorched parts and ending with a beautiful finish. In addition, for stainless steel plates whose thickness is up to 3 mm, no welding groove is required and back bead welding can be performed. 
Our fiber laser welder is able to weld aluminum. Our fiber laser welding is by far better than the conventional welding methods. The welded parts do not easily go white and can be beautifully finished.  
Kitchen cars
We produce kitchen cars. We mass-produce them with a standardized shape to reduce cost. In addition, we are able to produce movable offices. (They are very convenient because they allow managers, moving around in such a vehicle, to supervise multiple sites.)
Please feel free to contact us.  

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