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“Touyou Seiko Co., Ltd.= highest quality”

We specialize in the processing of parts that require ultra-high pressure using cemented carbide, and in the manufacture of core parts that can be attached to processing machines for metalworking. Since such parts are an important part in determining the superiority or inferiority of the products handled by customers, high precision and strength are required. We respond to our customers' requests with the skill of experienced craftsmen and our abundant processing machines.

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Manufacturing items
Forging dies and molds
Screws and precision forged parts are produced by cold forging machines such as header and former that rotates with high speed that is capable of several hundred rotations per minute. High quality that can endure such harsh environments is expected of the dies and molds used for this purpose.
Medical dies and molds
We are also capable of producing medical dies and molds, which require even higher quality and more precise measurement. We offer various proposals that address quality and cost concerns and reflect the opinion of each artisan through the integrated processing that includes design, die, and mold preparation and production in response to requests from our customers. In the production of ultraprecise parts, adjustment of dies and molds to the micron level has a significant impact on the product quality. For such adjustments that are only possible through craftsmanship, please inquire.
Various precision parts
At Toyo Seiko, we have been using the technical ability that we have acquired over many years since our founding to produce many precision parts.
We offer a precision/surface-finish that machining alone cannot accomplish. In recent years, we have been reliably providing important components to electric power infrastructures and the medical field, and we have earned deep trust from our customers. We never give up in our efforts to always satisfy the diverse requests from our customers.

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