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We support all types of processing from precision equipment to can manufacturing.

Our company provides parts and products in a wide range of fields, such as semiconductor parts, medical equipment, and aircraft. We can develop consigned products under our integrated production system. Therefore, you can expect cost reductions and quality improvement. Since we have our own factory for sheet metal working, coating, and assembly, we have confidence in our product design pursuing production efficiency.	

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Innovations in manufacturing under the new total production system
Efficient design for mass production
Our company has an in-house manufacturing factory for sheet metal working, coating, and assembly. The  factory enables efficient design with a focus on production.
We possess technologies for handling various fields, such as facilities, environment-related equipment, and educational machines and instruments. We utilize 3D software, such as CATIA to create design drawings. The software makes it easy to check, modify, and correct images for efficiency improvements.
Our company widely supports structural design, electrical  & electronic design, general industrial machine design, mechanism design, electronic circuit design, etc.
Pursuit of technology required for processing and assembly
Possessing a wealth of assembly plants that flexibly support everything from electronics to mechatronics.
There are factories for each of the sheet metal manufacturing department, coating manufacturing department, machine processing department, and assembly manufacturing department, and we have a system in place to enable a smooth transition to the next process.

[Sheet Metal Manufacturing Department]
At the main factory, our company has installed a gatling press center that can perform punching, molding, tapping, bending, and cutting and raising with a single unit. Since high-precision continuous automatic operation is possible, we can process mass-produced products around the clock. The Oyamazaki factory specializes in functions that can handle prototypes and small lots using the latest laser processing machines.

[Coating production department]
Coating is carried out at a factory equipped with a degreasing tank and a parker processing tank. It is a high quality finish that suppresses the adhesion of foreign substances etc. for coating in a clean room.
In addition, we adopt coating methods, such as electrostatic coating that can save a lot of paint and powder coating that does not generate waste liquid, suppress volatile organic compounds, and are always aware of the environment.

[Machining parts]
Applicable to processing on ultra-thin plate and processing with complicated shape. Processing of complex shapes and slits (0.25 mm) that cannot be processed by laser is also possible.

[Assembly Manufacturing Department]
We manufacture equipment and devices in a wide variety of fields, from semiconductors to medical equipment, transport equipment and food packaging machines. Beginning with design, it has integrated production procurement, wiring, assembly, adjustment, and integrated production functions, and can also be carried in to installation sites.
Providing domestic quality products for overseas bases
Currently, our main products are sheet metal processing and coating for equipment, semiconductors, and various industrial equipment. We have created a system that can handle small- to medium-volume production, and offer our customers high-quality products equivalent to those in Japan. We have established a "new integrated production system" and consistently undertake from design to completion based on the diversified needs of the market.

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