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We work exclusively in “monozukuri,” earnestly and genuinely.

We process parts such as semiconductor liquid crystal manufacturing equipment, therapeutic equipment, and industrial machines. We can process aluminum, stainless steel, copper, titanium, molybdenum, Inconel, and iron. We make full use of the latest equipment and technology to provide high-precision and high-quality products with quick delivery times.

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We make the most of the latest equipment and technology to offer a "100% nondefective” policy
Kusakawa Seiki's 5 processing technology
1. We are particularly adept at processing large and thin materials. We can handle thin plates in any way we want with our skill and experience.
2. The diverse mechanical facility enables the processing of large and small goods.
3. In addition to aluminum, we are capable of processing diverse materials, including stainless steel, iron, and copper.
4. We produce high precision products in a short period of time with our high-speed machining centers and unique processing method.
5. We have built an original network system to achieve even faster and more precise processing.
Kusakawa Seiki quality inspection: our five promises
1. We conduct thorough inspections using the strict standards, including requests from the customer.
2. We use devices that have been calibrated, inspected, and maintained, including 3D measuring devices, for our thorough inspection.
3. Inspectors who mastered the inspection techniques and are physically and mentally healthy conduct our thorough inspections.
4. We conduct our thorough inspections in an environment with ideal temperature, humidity, and brightness.
5. We conduct thorough inspections so as to ensure items with defects will not leave our factory and maintain our pride in the technology and products of Kusakawa Seiki.
Factory managers
We reformed our previous production method and installed the factory manager.
Factory manager is an IT system that digitizes the valuable experience, knowledge, and skills of experts to make them available to everyone and unify the cutting conditions and processing methods. By digitizing and sharing information, it becomes possible for everyone to use the same processing technology that the experts have used and improve the productivity.

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