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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:34

HiPep Laboratories

We undertake peptide synthesis, manufacture and sell biological substances related to the molecular recognition of peptides, proteins and other molecules, and conduct research and consultation related to the synthesis, examination and application of these substances.

We simultaneously synthesize many item varieties, undertake synthesis and analysis of processors, equipment and peptide-related compounds, and handle biochips (tools for detecting proteins based on peptide-detecting devices) and various peptide libraries.

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Business areas
Main technology: Technology for applied research into biological functions and molecular recognition of peptides, proteins, and other substances
Our core HiPep technology is a technology for efficiently synthesizing, analyzing, refining, and applying bioactive peptides and proteins.

Next-generation biochips and new board materials: Peptides, proteins, and other biological polymers form various 3D structures in living bodies. We establish peptide libraries with a 3D structure designed for structure-to-structure recognition, and apply them to efficiently explore, analyze, design, and synthesize highly functional structures. We handle peptides in a 3D manner as sensor devices and conduct applied R&D in next-generation biochips.
Peptide libraries and research assistance products
Construction of libraries of chemical compounds, and related devices, consumables (simultaneous processing of many items) and reagents as well as high-performance HPLC columns for analysis and separation refining (HiPep-Cadenza, HiPep-Intrada), etc. 

Group of design peptide libraries for exploration

Peptide-type angiogenic factors and related libraries (licensed out)

Non-natural amino acids and related peptide libraries (for drug discovery and for developing functional cosmetics)

Research on commission: Flexible forms of alliance 
Rather than engaging in mere combinations of requests and analysis, we are ready to give assistance from the standpoint of researchers with a focus on upstream to downstream areas of research.

We establish confidentiality agreements or the like as necessary.

Joint and commissioned R&D (contract fees and contingency fees; results to be shared), consultation (results to be owned by the client)

Joint research from bio-conjugate design and library construction and synthesis to biochip diagnosis, drug discovery, and therapeutic applications.

Commissioned research, training, and consultation on applications.

Commissioned synthesis (from research to clinical purposes), refining, analysis, examination, discovery, optimization, and other operations of peptide-related substances. 

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