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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:47

Business Port Co.,Ltd.

We are a process-oriented company which, together with clients, builds systems requested by them so as to expand their businesses.

We provide clients with various core systems with which they can flexibly utilize necessary information. Our paperwork systems can effectively process business operations, which reduces all relevant costs and hence contributes to profit increase. 
Please consult us for matters related to information systems that include system development, network establishment, maintenance, and security.

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Integrated systems for manufacturers
Cloud services (inventory management and BI)
These are cloud services into which functions required for visualizing businesses of small- and medium-sized manufacturers are tightly condensed.
The "AESOP inventory management" functions of the core business systems are integrated into a cloud system. This cloud service supports tablets and smartphones. We provide "AESOP BI", a business integration (BI) tool that collects, tabulates, analyzes, and visualizes data while linking with actual business operations, "AESOP Visualized Profits" which visualizes the productivity of each department of the company, and "AESOP Visualized Contracts".   
Core business systems
Our lineup of core business systems is for production management and sales management. These are integrated core business applications for visualizing the flow of workers, things, as well as money, creating environments in which business processes are easily improved, and strengthening cooperation among business departments. Since we developed the systems which are dedicated to manufacturers, we can provide them at low cost. Needless to say, we provide systems for other business types and duties by utilizing the above-mentioned know-how. 
Sales management
By managing and operating sales flows, which includes sales, product shipment as well as delivery, billing, money reception, and inventory management, in an integrated fashion, the system supports the streamlining of business and the improvement of productivity.
Production management
The system manages items related to production processes such as products, information, prime costs, outsourcing, and inventory in an integrated fashion to support the management of comprehensive information on each process.

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