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Latest update: 01/03/2021 17:28:56


We specialize in the food business (polished barley and outsourcing of rice polishing for food), performing high-quality processing of grains, particularly barley.

Barley is cut in round pieces (polished barley) like polished rice and is shipped as an ingredient for barley shochu, barley miso, and mochi barley. We manufacture and sell rolled barley for food. In addition, we sell our own brand of mochi barley, granola, and shochu through our online store.

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Wheat-polishing business
While barley was previously considered as mere substitute for rice that compensates for its shortages, it is now gaining attention as a health food and it is becoming more common for it to be served on people’s tables. At Takabatake, we polish barley for making barley rice, miso, and shochu. We make fine adjustments to our factory production lines on a daily basis in accordance to the quality of the barley, which is affected by factors such as the weather. Our thorough hygiene management, such as air shower facilities, ensures that we deliver the barley that our customers demand at all times.
Rice milling business
We utilize our experience in the polished wheat technology to carefully process rice grain by grain, as we do with barley, so as not to lose its umami.
We flexibly accommodate various orders for a certain level of quality according to the customers’ needs for rice used for special types of processing for which various standards have been decided on, unlike rice for eating.
Sanuki Hadaka Mugi Honpo online shop 
Naked barley is an extremely rare barley with limited production areas, and its taste and nutritional value is starting to be noticed around the world.
Especially, “naked barley” is rich in dietary fiber, having three times that of brown rice and 20 times that of white rice. It has a unique, snappy texture and fragrance.

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