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To grow with our customers

We provide value to customers with our wide range of comprehensive abilities, from the sales of computer devices to software development and maintenance support. In recent years, we have been focusing on consultation regarding AWS (the Cloud service from Amazon). In 2018, we were certified as a standard consulting partner for AWS Partner Network (APN). We aim to become the strongest business partner that is close to the local community and customers, mainly focusing on enterprises in Shikoku Island and Kochi Prefecture.

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Sales Pitch

AWS-related service
AWS introduction support service
Shown below is the basic workflow to introduce AWS. 
[1. Interview, proposal] 
A member of our personnel will visit your company to interview you about your specific requests, as well as the condition and composition of the system to which you are thinking of introducing AWS to. Based on the interview, we will show you the advantages, disadvantages, etc., of introducing AWS. We will locate the problems associated with the migration of the system and provide corrective measures, etc., for them. We will grasp your requests as well as the current condition of the system and provide a proposal and quotation suitable for you. 
[2. Defining requirements, designing] 
We will define the requirements based on the result of the interview; our SE will design the optimum network and server at the time of introducing AWS. 
[3. Construction] 
We will perform each type of construction work on AWS based on the design. After the construction is completed, we will conduct an operation test. 
[4. Test] 
We will conduct tests to see if there are any problems in the functions or performance due to the environment constructed on AWS, and also conduct load tests, etc. 
[5. Delivery] 
After the construction is finished, the product is transferred to the customer.
AWS operation service
Since AWS management and operation has to be basically performed by the user, some labor is required to maintain it after the construction. 
[Service description] 
The server is automatically backed up, automatically started up, and automatically shut down. 
The alive monitoring and the resource monitoring of the server are conducted 24x7. 
The hardware and the middleware are serviced, and the maintenance work for the infrastructure is managed.
AWS billing service
The cost for AWS is paid for in dollars and can only be done through a credit card; the foreign exchange rate is another thing to consider if you have a direct contract, making it a setback for enterprises in Japan when they introduce AWS. 
[Service description] 
Since you can pay the use fee for AWS in Japanese yen every month, it does not add much load on your regular accounting processes.
Outsourcing the information system
These days, most enterprises employ some form of information system; companies that have their own "information system divisions" are not rare. However, there are a large number of cases in which their in-house information system division cannot cope with the information system in a quick and flexible way that managers want. One of the reasons seems to be that high expertise is required in the field because of the rapid innovation in the IT industry. 
Outsourcing in-house information systems, etc., to external specialists will solve these problems, letting you utilize the human and other business resources you have on the operation of the company.
The advantages of the outsourcing service provided by Ibis
[Plenty of know-how] 
We have been developing and operating a variety of business systems such as "financial affairs and accounting," "personnel affairs," etc., since the establishment of the company. Making use of the know-how accumulated over many years, we can help not only in ordinary operations but also in a wide scope such as revising and/or improving existing business work flows. 
[High expertise and well-informed about state-of-the-art technology] 
Making use of our high expertise and being well-informed about state-of-the-art technology, we provide support in making business systems efficient. 
[Integrated support covering hardware to software] 
Ibis not only develops and/or operates systems but also service hardware. If any trouble occurs during operation, we can respond quickly regardless of whether the cause is the hardware or the software and aim for an early recovery of the system. 
[Information security you can trust] 
In recent years, information security measures such as measures against information leakage have been demanded. Ibis has been certified under the ISO27001 system; we provide high quality information security also in business operations.
System development
Web system
By using Linux, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, each type of framework, and other OSS's, we keep the cost of developing web systems down. 
[Development record] 
Order taking/placing systems 
Inquiry management systems 
Result-adding systems 
Mail magazine distribution systems
Smartphone systems
Ibis has been developing iPhone (iPad) apps, Android apps, and web systems for smartphones and tablets.
[Development record] 
Membership systems 
Shop-searching systems 
Inquiry management systems 
Note Web systems
Backbone system
We have been developing backbone systems in a variety of genres regardless of the field, be it for accounting systems, salary systems, goods management systems, and so forth; we mainly use IBM System i5 (AS/400, iSeries) for such development.

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