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Latest update: 21/04/2021 14:04:54


We are the No. 1 handler of lotus root (renkon) by volume in Japan

We have the leading market share in Japan for lotus root processed goods. Integrated support from seed planting to harvesting, processing, and sales. In addition to goods produced in Japan, centered on Ibaraki and Tokushima Prefectures, we also import 4000 t of lotus root annually from China and supply it nationwide. We also offer products such as boiled and pickled vegetables in our bamboo shoot and root crop business.

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Over 700 types of products
A specialty of Maruha Bussan Co., Ltd. We properly manage all processes from the planting of seeds to harvesting the vegetables, not to mention the product processing stage, with our own eyes. We consider the mission of our lotus root processing company, which boasts the leading share in the Japanese market, to take responsibility for quality, in terms of freshness, safety and peace of mind. We listen to our customers’ requests from all angles, and every single product we have developed is the result of our passion.

Eat delicious food, stay healthy and decorate your table beautifully.
These are essential themes for Japanese tables.
We put “thought” and “discernment” into all of our products.

We have developed products that can be used in various cooking scenarios, ranging from Japanese food to western food. Our products are vacuum-packed to ensure they reach the customer in delicious condition.
Subcontract factory
Maruha Bussan Co., Ltd., is expanding its network of partner factories in China to enable the supply of products throughout the year.
To conduct our business smoothly, we work meticulously, from on-site guidance for staff at partner plants to various improvements, and we are always aiming to improve product quality.
Lotus root can be cultivated with few or no pesticides and with organic fertilizers, making it possible to secure high-quality ingredients.
These partner factories were not contracted by trading companies but were independently developed and expanded by Maruha Bussan Co., Ltd. This direct relationship deepens trust with our partner factories and builds a stable supply of food and peace of mind.
Lotus root powder
As part of expanding the sales channels of our business in Japan, we are developing commercial products, and we have already started selling "Tokushima lotus root powder," which has been well-received by our customers due to increasing health consciousness in recent years.

Lotus root skin is normally peeled off and discarded; however, it contains a lot of polyphenols. We use the lotus root skin as a raw material and we manage everything in the field, from soil preparation to harvesting.

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