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TSUKASA's technology: Close to you

80 percent domestic share for sports timers. A manufacturer of motors, pumps, and pool equipment. Adopted a unique production line to realize high-mix, small lots, and short lead times. Established a production system for the advancement of technology and market needs.

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Features of Tsukasa Co., Ltd.
Feature 1
"High-mix, small lots, short lead-times". High technology and competitiveness to lead others
Feature 2 
Leading with high-level technology and designing ability for customization needs and unit application

■Unique "solo-workflow U-shaped line" to respond to high-mix, small lots, and short lead-times
Tsukasa Co. Ltd. has adopted a unique "solo-workflow U-shaped line" based on our unique production planning system. We have developed jigs, etc., for each product in-house and have organized a production system that separates small lots (1 to 20 units) and large lots (more than 20 units).  
In addition, our employees follow the 5S (Sort, Standardize, Shine, Set in order, Sustain) and move in small groups to constantly improve our work, enhance quality, shorten lead-times, and promote the streamlining of clerical work. 
We provide high-quality products from our flexible and highly efficient production system based on strict quality inspection and life tests. 

■3D CAD designing for our speedy and flexible development system 
The strength of Tsukasa Co., Ltd. lies in its system for the development of products that captures customer needs accurately by establishing a team composed of technology personnel with a wide range of expertise and sales personnel with sufficient knowledge of markets in a variety of industries, and by communicating with customers closely. 
Based on our flexible design concepts that are not limited by production methods, our unique high-level technology realizes specifications for customers by using 3D CAD efficiently and by making use of standardization technology such as the integration of various functions, the commonization of parts, and our compound technology to integrate electrical equipment designing such as machine designing and motor control. 
We realize an excellence that is ahead of others through the high evaluation received from customers, the low price of overseas products, etc. 

■We proactively develop products with high added value such as unit products 
Tsukasa boasts of the development of standard DC gear motors and the ability to develop various complex specifications for unit products through cooperation with customers. 
For instance, we provide large vending machine manufacturers with cupped beverage vending machines, coffee mills, the unit products for extraction dispensers, etc. For medical equipment and facility manufacturers, we develop and provide motor units, etc., that are used for hospital and pharmacy equipment. In addition, we expect our high-quality, low-price motor actuators, which we have developed and put on the market for air-conditioning equipment manufacturers, will result in significant demand, the market for which is currently being dominated by imported products. Thus, they are going to be the pillar for expanding our business in the future.
Timer business
We produce and sell sports timers as well as gear and equipment related to swimming pools. 

・Sports timer
・Swimsuit spin-drier
・Watch, stopwatch
・Lane rope
・Swimming pool equipment
・Swimming pool floor
・Swimming pool cleaner, cleaning equipment
・Medical care equipment, measurement equipment
・Training gear, goggles, caps, etc.
・Race-related equipment, facility equipment
・Training and physical exercise equipment
・Locker, key band, furniture
Motor business
・DC motor 
 Widely used for all types of equipment, from financial institutions to home and medical equipment 
・Brush-less motor
 A brush-less motor that is excellent in low-vibration and low-noise performance with an inner-rotor structure 
・Motor driver 
 Compatible with DC motors and brush-less motors. Driver-friendly to mechanisms with a low loss ratio. 
・Linear actuator 
 Light and compact. An actuator compatible with small equipment to large equipment 
・Rotary actuator 
 Optimum for opening and closing a damper 
・Applied products 
 Coffee mill, compact vibration motor (optimum for pachinko, pachinko-slot machines, and amusement equipment) 
・Coin hopper 
 A high performance trustworthy hopper that has excellent durability. Compatible with all types of metallic currencies and coins.
Pump business
・Tube pump 
 Various discharge flow rate variations. A type that is freely controllable is also available. 
・Portable tube pump 
Enhanced control functions in a compact body. With a liquid-drop control function. 
・Gear pump 
Equipped with a DC motor; compact but highly efficient outputs
・High pressure pump
Easy to adjust the pressure and flow rate. Compatible not only with cool water but also hot water up to 95℃. 
・Vane pump 
The durability during idle operation has been enhanced by hard coating 
・Safety valve 
To prevent nearby parts from breaking when the pressure is abnormal
・Check valve
A unique structure to more securely prevent the reverse flow of liquid
・Tube for replacement

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