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Latest update: 23/08/2018 02:13:25

KIMURA Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company was founded in 1954 as an rice biscuitarare  manufacturer., We are and is a locally based general food trading firm. Currently, our entire overall group currently operates seven lines of business: manufacturing, confectionery wholesalinge, market development, product wholesalinge, food wholesalinge, logistics, and agriculture. We are putting our energy working into creating train human resources so as to become an enterprise group that can deliver deliciousness, spiritual wealth, and dreams to people’s lives. Meanwhile, we also are continueing to make efforts work hard and take on challenges so that we can contribute to local communities through food products. We have been producing rice biscuitsarare  since our foundation. We use made-in-Kumamoto-made sticky rice as a raw material, which we rigorously select considering the production area, quality, and taste. Recently , our group companies have been growingn sticky rice in order to explore safe, secure, and tasty raw materials. In addition to rice biscuitarares, our group companies produce rice, travel gift products, Japanese and western confectionery, and so on etc., and We also plan, develop, and sell products under our own brand. We are developing and selling products made from special local products in cooperation with regional manufacturers and so on, etc., in order to deliver excellent made-in-Kyushu-made products to the world. This is how we contribute to regional revitalizationactivation.

Food, beverage, and feed manufacturing

[Representative's message]
We will further pursue the three food keywords in food, “safety, security, and deliciousness,”, and we will focus our efforts on manufacturing, which is the foundation of our group’s basis. This is how we will aim to become a regional general food trading company that can meet satisfy requests from existing customers, and also as well as from various other various domestic Japanese and foreign customers. Also, we will also find and cooperate with potential local food manufacturers while using making use of our group’s’ own manufacturing techniques to plan, develop, and sell products. Our management principle philosophy is to “Uunderstand the public nature and social mission of the deliveringy of deliciousness, spiritual wealth, and dreams to consumers’ lives, and to contribute to society through business development”. We have been working consistently worked under this principle philosophy since our foundation. We have so far developed with the help of customers across Kyushu. We will continue to take on challenges and make efforts work hard to flexibly respond to the needs of the times and to contribute to social development through food.

[Awards and media coverage]
In 2017, our “Daikisen” and “Kumamoto Agemochi Okaki” were covered by the Kumamoto edition of Premier Words’ (Kumamoto edition), “Oishii Temiyage” series, covering our Daikisen and Kumamoto Agemochi Okaki products (2017); .
local TV, selection of Also, our arare rice biscuit gift product series was selected as gifts for viewers, and  by a local TV program. Moreover, a report on our group company’s shop and restaurant were reported by another local TV program.

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Kyushu Head Office, SMRJ