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Latest update: 12/01/2021 18:53:12

Mu Lab, LTD.

Developing a business around the mastery of precise operating technology

Fukushima University’s first venture company. We are in the business of producing the “3D cam mechanisms” for the bending of robot joints, “crown speed reducers” for decelerating/boosting motor rotation, and devices called “small high-precision actuators” that combine these two technologies. This mechanism has a minor backlash. We have been successful in miniaturization and weight reduction and are considering applications for the technology in a variety of machines such as small robot hands for medical use, endoscopes, industrial equipment, and consumer equipment, as well as robots for decommissioning.

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Sales Pitch

A completely new shape that has never been seen [Three-dimensional cam mechanism] [Crown reducer]
Three-dimensional cam mechanism
It comprises a cam, with a 3D cam surface, and a follower. Two sets of cam surfaces and the follower are always in contact with each other, enabling precise nonparallel shaft transmission with a small diameter.
This structure allows for a wide operating range with little backlash. There is also a reverse drive, which has a small diameter. Also, a pinching cam can be used by changing the number of cam surfaces.
Crown reducer
It comprises three gears, a rotor gear, stator gear, and an output gear. Sandwiching the rotor gear between the two other gears results in a small backlash, enabling precise angle control with a small diameter. 
This simple structure makes it possible to achieve both small size and a large reduction ratio.
Robot chuck
By combining a 3D cam mechanism and a crown speed reducer, we have created an actuator that is “smaller,” “more precise (smaller backlash),” and “powerful.”
By further reducing the diameter and combining multiple single-claw cam actuators, it is also possible to create a general-purpose robot hand that more closely mimics the movements of human fingers.