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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:50

SENKA Co.,Ltd.

We contribute to the growth of society by utilizing synthesis technology for functional polymers to solve clients' problems. 

SENKA Corporation, a functional chemical manufacturer, provides its useful technologies for a variety of fields including fiber processing, paper, pulp, water treatment, functional polymers,  bacteria prevention, and mold prevention.  

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Product introductions
Fiber processing
Chemicals produced by SENKA Corporation are used to beautifully dye cloth. The cloth that is beautifully dyed with the chemicals is sewn to make western clothes or kimonos which will be delivered to consumers. We are highly evaluated by providing a variety of fiber processing agents including not only dye‐fixing agents, but also scouring and bleaching agents, dyeing aids, printing agents, detergents, and finishing agents.  
Scouring or bleaching accelerators
Penetrating, leveling, or dispersing agents 
Printing accelerators
Dye-fixing agents, light resistance improvers, and various light fastness improvers
Functionality improving agents for purposes such as bacteria resistance, deodorization, water absorption, and ultraviolet protection 
Paper processing
Fixing agents, yield-improving agents, pitch controllers, anti-tarnish agents, and other agents provided by us solve various problems that may occur in papermaking processes.  
Water treatment
We provide a variety of effluent treatment agents including polymer flocculation agents, decoloring agents, and organic coagulants to meet various needs.   
Functional polymers
We provide water-soluble polymers with various functions, the main of which are cationic polymers that we are good at producing.
Other products
Paints, inks, and thickeners
Perfumery and cosmetics
Agents for wood and building materials
Antibacterial agents, mildew-proofing agents, leather processing agents, and sanitation agents 
Developed products
Binder for negative terminals of lithium secondary batteries
A core-corona type water-based binder for lithium secondary batteries (LIB), "Ele-Bine", developed by us, is a creamy white aqueous dispersion which is composed of polymer microparticles and the solid content of which is 20%. The microparticles have a special form called a "core-corona type" and are composed of "hydrophobic cores" and "hydrophilic coronas". Their particle diameters range from 10 to 200 nm. "Ele-Bine" has excellent high temperature cycle characteristics and low temperature discharge characteristics thanks to the achieved binding capacity and low-value resistance. "Ele-Bine" is suitable for LIB requiring high output power and high-temperature endurance, such as those for 12-V starters and mild HEV.



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