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Latest update: 12/07/2018 02:16:33

HK Technology co., ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company manufactures pollutant removal filters for power stations. We also make use of the manufacturing know-how gained from the strict quality control of power companies to operate subcontracting work (prototype making, manufacturing, inspection services, and so on). We can offer consignment services in a wide range of industries in response to the decrease in human resources. This includes planning and marketing companies, industrial testing companies, electric part manufacturers, and textile manufacturers. 


[Representative's message]
Our company started as a machinery manufacturer offering filters to power companies and power stations as its main product. The electric power industry attempts to assure safety with high standards, so manufacturers are required to operate with advanced quality control. Our company is still young, but we have worked with such an industry for some time. The domestic Japanese manufacturing sector has enhanced productivity through automation. However, some work still requires human intervention because of the lot size and increased number of work patterns. Our company applies the technology validation capabilities and high-quality production capacity gained from our partnerships with electric power companies to support customers that are experiencing technical and human resource shortages. We achieve this through our consignment manufacturing service, which is one of our company’s main lines of business. We want to make use of J-GoodTech as our point of contact and enhance recognition among customers who have such issues. We hope that you will contact us first. 

ISO 9001   

[Intellectual property]
We have three patent applications pending, including joint applications with the University of Tokyo (one), and Tohoku University (one).