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Latest update: 12/07/2018 02:16:16

Tabataya Co.,Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company manufactures tatami mats and Japanese-style sliding doors. We develop tatami mats suitable for current living environments. We developed the Mesh Clean product, which is highly breathable and free of moisture. These tatami mats are suitable for current airtight houses and living environments where sun-drying is becoming obsolete. Mesh Clean is selling well as a healthy tatami mat product exhibiting excellent environmental improvement effects in and under the mats. We developed an antibacterial tatami mat together with a major manufacturer. This tatami mat has excellent effects against E. coli and Trichophyton (athlete's foot). We provide advanced, high-performance tatami mats for judo matches, care and infant facilities, and pets. We also make use of our antibacterial tatami mat material to manufacture anti-Trichophyton slippers and sandals as related products that are also popular among customers. We excel at manufacturing Japanese-style sliding screen products with original patterns. Our Illumina product emits light because special inks are used, and it is particularly popular. We can propose unique products best suited for use in ordinary houses, and also for business facilities such as hotels, inns, and restaurants.


[Representative's message]
Currently our company mainly works in the Kansai region, but we will expand throughout Japan via J-GoodTech by making use of our unique products and network as our advantages. We will also promote overseas expansion by introducing traditional Japanese tatami mats and Japanese-style sliding screens to inbound tourists, who are expected to increase more and more.

[Awards and media coverage]
Kansai Monozukuri New Selection 2018.

Sankei Shimbun (February 9, 2016); Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (February 1, 2016); Nikkei MJ (March 23, 2016); eo Hikari Channel, "Tech Nation Japan" (April 15, 2017).

All-Japan Judo Federation, Judo-bu Monogatari
Business Operator Developing New Business Field by Producing New Merchandise in Osaka Prefecture

[Intellectual property]
We have three patents pending.