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Latest update: 17/02/2023 13:17:18


Website has been renewed !
★ Experience and Quality for the Future ★

We not only manufacture wristwatches, which we have been doing since our establishment, but also design, manufacture, sell, and maintain machining, LED lighting devices, electronic coolers using Peltier elements, parts feeders, and automatic labor-saving devices based on our cultivated technology and experience.


Sales Pitch

Parts Feeder" trusted by customers
We offer a full range of services from design to production and adjustment.
A parts feeder is an automatic parts feeder that automatically controls and aligns six-way postures (front-back, front-to-back, front-to-back, left-to-right sorting) of a large volume of workpieces (parts and components) in different postures by applying vibration to the bowl in which they are placed, and feeds them to assembly machines and other post-processing equipment.

The system is used in various automatic assembly lines and automatic inspection processes in the watch and electronic parts industries.

We started designing and manufacturing parts feeders when we started assembling watches and clocks, and we have earned a good reputation by utilizing our long years of experience and know-how to handle a wide variety of parts, including ultra-thin and ultra-small workpieces, that other companies cannot handle.

We offer a full range of parts feeder services, from design to manufacturing and adjustment. In addition to bowl-type parts feeders and parallel feeders, we offer a variety of products, including various auxiliary devices such as hoppers, to meet customers' specifications.

We can also modify parts feeders made by other manufacturers.
Machining Technology "Work Department
We are ready to meet your needs.
Since the end users are optical equipment companies, they demand high requirements for product finish, and our high technical capabilities are highly evaluated. We are also highly evaluated for our ability to meet delivery deadlines by improving customer satisfaction, which we have cultivated through our own products.

We are capable of processing all kinds of products, including plate, round, small, and medium-sized products, using 5-axis machining centers, machining centers with a processing area of 1000 x 400, NC multi-tasking lathes, and other machining equipment. Materials

We can process a variety of materials, mainly aluminum, but also stainless steel, iron, and resin, and we can also perform various surface treatments in addition to processing.

We aim to provide high-quality products while meeting the diversified needs of our customers, such as high-mix, small-lot production, and short delivery times, and we can respond quickly to customers' requests for everything from single items to complete equipment using the skills of our experienced craftsmen.
Some of our customers want a jig like this but cannot draw a drawing, or want a device that can do something like this but cannot draw a drawing, etc.

If you have any trouble, please contact us. Our mechanical and electrical designers will be happy to assist you.
Leave it to us to save manpower and labor "Equipment Division
Do you have a problem in your factory or other company?
Manufacturing equipment and labor-saving machinery are needed in various fields.
The Equipment Division utilizes the core technologies developed during the watch assembly process to create manufacturing equipment and labor-saving devices.

LED lighting is used for image processing, precision electric screwdrivers are used for precise screw tightening, and parts feeders are used for automatic parts supply, and we apply this core technology to meet customer requirements.

We can flexibly respond to all your needs, from conceptual design to parts machining, assembly, wiring, and debugging.
Please consult with us even if your needs are limited to design or assembly.
Our in-house processing facilities allow us to quickly evaluate prototypes and perform additional processing, enabling us to manufacture products in a short period of time.

Equipment manufactured by our company
○Assembling jigs for manual work
Component press fitting jigs, screw tightening jigs, soldering jigs, etc.
Semi-automatic inspection equipment (supplied by operator)
Image inspection equipment for automobile parts. Functional inspection equipment for disaster prevention equipment.
Rationalization of insert parts feeding to molding machine
Inserting small parts into a magazine using a parts feeder and placing multiple insert parts into a mold at once.
Measurement and storage device for lapped workpieces
Peels off the lapped workpiece from the dicing tape, measures its thickness, and stores it on a pallet. Measured values are automatically input into an Excel cell.
○Runner cutting device for molded products
Cuts multiple runners of complex-shaped molded products with an electric actuator.
Image inspection device for molded products
Inspects molded products fed into a parts feeder by a robot or fed onto a conveyor by a robot.
In-House Products Division.
LED lighting devices
We manufacture lighting that uses optical fibers and LEDs to illuminate flaws and other defects that cannot be seen by general lighting, and we can deliver products that best match your application, such as image processing for FA lines and microscopes in the industrial field, with a short delivery time.
Peltier Electronic Coolers
Cooling units that use a Peltier element (a semiconductor device that can freely control both cooling and heating temperatures by electric current) and direct current to cool, heat, and control temperatures in industrial, medical, and analytical equipment without using refrigerants are used in a wide variety of fields.
medical equipment
We are licensed to manufacture medical devices in Akita Prefecture and ISO13485 certified for medical quality management systems, and are capable of manufacturing medical devices such as medical endoscope light source devices.


Hinai Watch Industry Co. located in Hinai-machi, Odate City, Akita Prefecture, Japan.
Last update:17/02/2023
We would like to post on YouTube an introduction of each workplace, the garden, internal events, and Odate City.
We hope that this will be an opportunity for many people to learn about our company and Odate City.
Thank you for your continued support.

This video is a drone shot of the exterior of our company and
Our pride and joy garden, each workplace, the clock department, the parts feeder/equipment department, the craft department, and our own products department.
We also included sightseeing spots in Odate City.
We are looking forward to receiving your job offers and job applications.
2022 Cleanup activity!
Last update:17/02/2023
On November 18, 2022, we held our annual cleanup of fallen leaves and other debris in our neighborhood. The ground was a little wet, and it was difficult to collect fallen leaves with brooms, but we were able to clean up the area with the cooperation of each workplace.
2022 petit year-end party record!
Last update:17/02/2023
We held a petit year-end party on 2022.12.17(Sat). We would be happy if you could watch it with BGM playing. I had a chance to talk with people I rarely talk with. You can see how much fun we had in this video!