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Latest update: 22/06/2023 12:27:04

Sagasyoji Inc.

We propose fulfilling lifestyles with tatami mats.

We are a trading company specializing in tatami mats in Toyama Prefecture. Tatami mats are a rare item that can be seen not just as a flooring material, but as part of the interior decoration of a room. We offer a wide range of tatami products, from those made with natural rushes to those with excellent waterproofness and durability.

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Tatatami Product overview
Tatami Omote
Since our founding, we have proudly boasted our industry-leading track record as a trading company specialized in tatami mats.
A Japanese-style room is a space where you can cherish the time you spend on your own hobbies and studies. It is a calm room of hospitality. It is also a place for families to gather and relax.
A Japanese-style room has a “formality” that is different from a Western-style room. The tatami is the main element of a Japanese-style room, and it has its own formality. Also, tatami mats have the functionality to create a comfortable space for the whole family.

Daiken Kogyo: Daiken Sukoyaka Omote
 Tatami omote (covers) made with machine-made Japanese paper. The natural texture of Japanese paper and gentle colors match Japanese-style rooms.
Sekisui Seikei Kogyo: Migusa
 A tatami mat made of resin. Its appeal lies in the vibrant colors unique to resin
Yamanaka Sangyo: Kibun Sokai
 A tatami mat made of resin.
Domestic tatami omote
 This tatami omote is mainly produced in Kumamoto Prefecture. With its luster and texture unique to domestic production, this tatami omote is the perfect match for an authentic Japanese-style room.
Judo tatami: There are many types of judo tatami
Kyokuto Sanki: Washable tatami
Saga Shoji: Phiten Tatami
Evergreen (antibacterial and antiviral treated tatami)
The tatami industry’s first antibacterial and antiviral tatami was created using a special coating technology for antibacterial and antiviral agents on tatami mats. It is used in more than 700 lodging facilities and restaurants nationwide.

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