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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:42

Kanazu Giken Co.,Ltd.

We are a specialized manufacturer of embossed carrier tape

We are a manufacturer and distributor of embossed carrier tape. We can handle a wide range of parts for surface mounting, from square chip parts to irregularly shaped components, in large to small lots.

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Characteristics of our company
We are a carrier tape manufacturer with knowledge about taping
We have technical expertise in taping production that we have acquired through 30 years of doing business with major electronics parts manufacturers. We are one of the few manufacturers with both the quality and technology to consider carrier tape from the user's perspective.
Clearances as small as 0.5 mm! We are confident in mold design.
Our basic technology is continuous press molding technology for plastic tape, and our manufacturing technology ensures accuracy in the hundreds of microns range during the molding and cooling process. We are proud of our design expertise for molds where machines can be quickly switched over in manufacturing a wide variety of tapes (multi-nested molds).
Our shortest lead times are three days
Our original production control system and our flexible response to production changes contribute to shortening lead times and reducing inventories. We have led the industry in fully supporting the Kanban system.

We achieve significant reductions in the customer's warehouse space, inventory amount, and ordering operations.

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