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Latest update: 05/11/2018 12:29:30 Co., Ltd

A market you can carry around: A new way of market procurement for pre-purchasing products before they are put on the wholesale market. 

Our system solves problems that confront the current wholesale market, and aims to boost consumption of local and domestic Japanese seafood. It is a system for streamlining intra-market transactions. This cloud-based transaction system is intended for wholesale markets where the introduction of electronic commerce has been slow. It is scheduled to support EDI, and will successfully streamline intra-market transactions through information sharing. We aim to connect all domestic Japanese wholesale markets online, including fruit and vegetable sections, and invigorate these markets. 


Sales Pitch

Our service makes use of wholesale market functions, which are indispensable as a framework
Ikura Service (for restaurant business owners): A new method of market procurement for pre-purchasing seafood before it is put on the market. The service determines relative prices based on arriving seafood information the day before bidding, and provides a platform where members can order through a members-only website. It ensures that people participating in the sale/purchase and purchaser members can buy fresh seafood at a satisfying price, without going to the market early in the morning. The system can support the entire procurement process according to the user’s needs, from viewing new arrival information to placing orders.
Mohei Service (for middle traders): Digitally manages product information and order information from wholesalers, and supports daily processes from procurement to shipping. This service decreases the workload of the person in charge, and helps increase customers and sales. The system receives digital data from wholesalers, and edits the content for the middle trader before sending it to members. It eliminates the manual handling of order information. 
Namihei Service (for wholesalers): This service invigorates market distribution, while increasing distribution volume. It supports all processes from batch transmission of new arrival information to order processing with multiple customers. The system immediately conveys wholesalers’ new arrival and stock information to purchasers through middle traders, and eliminates the manual handling of order information. 

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