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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:19

LiveAid CO.,LTD.

Producing and selling electronic measurement gauges, electronic components, and healthcare equipment in the healthcare field

In the healthcare field, Live Aid Co., Ltd. develops and sells high-quality and high-performance healthcare equipment to support the spiritually rich and healthy lives of customers.
In addition, through cooperation with universities, we combine basic research results at universities with our own technologies to promote practical realization and commercialization. As these approaches show, we aim at becoming a research and development based company.  

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Product introduction
Diagnosis support program with AI
This is a patented program which uses AI to diagnose risks of rupturing aneurysm. By cooperating with IT companies, medical equipment manufacturers, and so on, we aim at putting the program into practical use. 
Bone Wave
With a simple operation, you can check your bone conditions in a short time. Compared with conventional products, Bone Wave allows for easy measurement. Based on the measured bone waveforms information, the equipment prints out advice on health management. Therefore, it is ideal for self-medication or the like.
Mind Balance
By asking questions and measuring biological impedance, Mind Balance judges "a balance between the mind and the body" and "relaxation level," and also performs "comprehensive evaluation."
Knowing your body conditions and taking necessary measures at an early stage can assist you in living a healthy and cheerful life.

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