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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:56

enetecs Co. Ltd.

We are developing renewable energy, snow melting, and heating businesses

We manufacture solar water heater systems and roof snow melting systems, and design and install snow melters at railroad points and crossings for Japan Railways. We also design and install road heating systems, floor heating systems, and air conditioners, and sell and install energy-saving lighting instruments.

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Business overview
Renewable energy
Oil, coal, and other fossil fuels, which are currently the main energy sources in Japan, are limited energy resources. On the other hand, sunlight, solar heat, hydropower, wind power, biomass, geothermal heat, and other kinds of energy can be renewed in a relatively short time after being used, and the resources are not depleted. These are also known as renewable energy sources. They are becoming popular as clean energy alternatives to energy sources like oil.

Our company continues to provide society with the latest technologies, such as solar power, solar heat, and so on.
Snow melting and room heating
In snowy regions, snow removal is a heavy burden. Snow has changed from the light snow of the past to heavy, watery snow, and the heavy workload is only increasing. Our company supplies the Kawaraban system for melting snow on roofs, and our Road Heating System that melts snow from roads and parking lots, with low running costs.

We also help Japan Railways to operate safely by  installing these systems at railroad switches and crossings, where snow always needs to be removed.

We install floor heating systems in all kinds of facilities, from ordinary houses to hospitals and schools, to provide the heating that is necessary during cold winter months. We have more than 30 years of experience in this field.
El Beeno (anti-bacterial and anti-viral)
El Beeno is a device that generates a slightly acidic hypochlorous acid solution with excellent effects.
The disinfecting solution generated with El Beeno has excellent disinfection effects against various bacteria and viruses.

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