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Latest update: 05/02/2020 14:39:55

Hakodate oxygen Co., Ltd.

We help the community develop through high-pressure gas

We manufacture liquefied oxygen and liquefied nitrogen. We manufacture and sell oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, and various other high-pressure gases to satisfy a wide range of uses from industrial to medical fields. We also supply nitrous oxide, hydrogen chloride, ammonia, disinfectant gas, compressed air, various standard gases, mixed gases, LPG, and various other gases.

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We supply high-pressure gas to help the community with industry and medical treatment
Increase disaster resistance to reassure the community
We have a plant for manufacturing liquefied oxygen and liquefied nitrogen in the Donan area, along with equipment for loading argon, carbon dioxide, and other gases to make it possible to stably supply gas to the community.

We are Hokkaido's only high-pressure gas manufacturer, and we have learned the lessons of repeated natural disasters. We relocated our comprehensive filling station to a plateau to avoid possible trouble with our supply of medical treatment gas, which is vitally important to life, and safety gas required to recover from disasters.

It is even more important to continue our business when we are affected by a disaster. We will carry out our duty as a company that supports the community's medical treatment and economy.
Top share in the medical gas market in the Hakodate region
We provide medical institutions and households with high-quality medical gases, medical products, and nursing care and welfare commodities to provide scrupulous community-oriented care so customers can use them with peace of mind. 

We also guarantee the quality of our oxygen gas, which is a medical commodity, and control its safety, while delivering oxygen loaded at loading stations designed specifically for medical purposes by vehicles used for medical purposes only.

[Various medical gases]
Medical oxygen
Synthetic air
Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
Carbon dioxide
Liquefied nitrogen
Ethylene oxide (disinfectant gas)
Liquid helium
We supply regional resources throughout Japan with our agricultural and fishery produce freezing center concept
We conducted repeated freezing tests on fresh fish with Yamadai Co., Ltd., which is a leading food processor in Hakodate City. We worked to optimize the freezing temperature and freezing speed, which vary according to foods, and succeeded in manufacturing frozen high-quality foods.

At our freezing center we have installed Magic Freeze liquefied nitrogen type food freezer equipment (tunnel type and batch type), and liquefied nitrogen storage equipment. This is how we are playing a role in developing new local products.

We have succeeded in commercializing Masu salmon, sweet shrimp, squid, hairy crab, snow crab, yellowtail, flatfish, and other foods representative of Hokkaido.

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