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Latest update: 21/12/2021 11:04:49

Taniguchi Farm Co.,Ltd.

Our passion for organic tomatoes

We are a producer of 15 kinds of agricultural products including tomatoes and specially cultivated rice, and a developer and manufacturer of tomato juice, vegetable juice, jelly, amazake fermented rice drinks, miso, and other products. We use ingredients produced in Hokkaido, and we also offer OEM manufacturing services at our own factory in a field surrounded by the mountains of the Daisetsuzan mountain range.

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Sales Pitch

Our company has become a community-based tourist farm visited by 20,000 local people a year, who come to enjoy the fresh organic tomatoes lovingly grown by our farm. The tomatoes are grown in soil made from a blend of rice bran, cow dung, oyster shells, and other ingredients that have been created over a long period of time without relying on chemical compounds. We use a unique production method that maximizes the power of microorganisms (indigenous bacteria) that live in the soil to maintain soil fertility. Instead of using pesticides, we use pine resin, bittern, and Chinese herbal medicine to carefully protect tomatoes while growing them, making it possible to grow tomatoes for 30 years in a row, which is considered extremely difficult.
Our company has been involved in tomato juice production for over 20 years. Our Yuki-kun Organic JAS certified organic tomato juice, made by squeezing freshly picked tomatoes at our own factory in the middle of the fields, has been produced since 1992. It has been loved by our customers for many years. This product is now sold in department stores all over Japan, and 150,000 bottles are produced annually. No salt is added to the tomatoes, so you can taste the original flavor as if you were biting into a freshly harvested tomato in the field. We also use this technology to produce our original Vegemix vegetable juice made from carefully selected vegetables from Hokkaido.
We handle OEM manufacturing
We use our organic tomatoes, specially cultivated rice, and other Hokkaido ingredients to manufacture our products with care at our own factory in fields surrounded by the Daisetsuzan mountain range.

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