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Latest update: 21/12/2021 11:04:49

North Civil Engineering Consultants CO.,LTD.

Comprehensive construction consulting services, including civil engineering research, surveying, design, and construction

We are involved in a wide range of civil engineering work, from investigations to surveying, design, and construction. Many of the construction projects we handle are important to local lifelines and infrastructure development. From construction work that supports economic activities such as trunk roads to disaster investigations, we are actively incorporating the latest technologies to protect the lives and safety of local communities.

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By utilizing data captured by 3D laser scanners and ortho image data from aerial photography, more precise 3D design data can be created almost automatically. By analyzing the digital data, the quantity of labor becomes more accurate, which leads to cost reduction.
GNSS surveying is a method of obtaining reference points by using a first-class GNSS surveying instrument to receive radio signals from satellites. The static method uses two or more GNSS surveying instruments to receive information from satellites for more than 60 minutes to obtain more accurate reference points. By combining the static method with GPS, we are able to survey roads, rivers, waterways, and so on to a higher level.
The time and budget are often limited for disaster recovery investigations, so it is necessary to consider how to investigate disaster sites quickly and at low cost. In the past, when roads and other infrastructure leading to the site were in a devastated condition, a great deal of time was spent checking the damage. However, with the spread of UAVs and other unmanned aerial vehicles in recent years, it has become possible to measure the extent of damage from above. Furthermore, by using 3D scanners to analyze the situation at the actual site in three dimensions, disaster investigations and subsequent disaster assessments can be carried out quickly, and disaster recovery work can be started as soon as possible.

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