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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:50:01

OGAWA Co., Ltd.

We hope that customers will enjoy absolutely delicious foods produced in Kushiro.

We will deliver products directly from Kushiro, which is a port town in eastern Hokkaido blessed with an abundance of seafood, such as seafood delicacies, snacks eaten with alcoholic beverages, salmon roe pickled with soy sauce, king crabs, hairy crabs, smelt fish, salted fish guts, Matsumae pickles, squid dishes, salmon jerky, and scallop adductor muscles, including products as gifts.

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Our passion for red salmon flakes for ochazuke (rice with green tea poured over it)
Generally, salmon flakes sold in mass-merchandise stores were processed by machines and some of them were processed overseas into flakes. 
We process selected fresh salmon and other natural ingredients manually. 
(We do not use any synthetic coloring agents and synthetic preservatives.) 
Although our production volume is smaller and working hours are longer compared to mechanical production, our products have the genuine taste of red salmon because they were manually processed with care one by one. 
Additionally, we also pay attention to the conditions of packages and packing of products before shipping them to customers.
Our passion for salmon roe pickled with soy sauce
Salmon landed off the coast of Kushiro have not fully grown and are fresh. They have a shiny silver body and both their meat and roe are fresh. 

Since we started our business in 1916, we have never used any coloring agents and synthetic preservatives. 
Therefore, all of our products have soft tastes, in which natural condiments (such as salt and soy sauce) are blended with the tastes of other ingredients. 
We use the local sake of Kushiro, “Fukutsukasa,” as a condiment. 
The rich sweet taste of Fukutsukasa is added to the taste of salmon roe to create a delicious flavor beyond description. 

We do not use any food additives such as preservatives and coloring agents.

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