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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:25:21

Ishikawa Engineering Industry CO., LTD

We have an integrated production system that can handle a wide variety of requirements for metal processing, including metal sheets and steel pipes

We possess equipment that allows us to provide integrated production from cutting to bending, welding, and assembly of metal sheets and steel pipes for architectural metal parts, special vehicles, and agricultural machines. We are maximizing our corporate abilities to handle a wide range of items, and in all other operations including small-lot production, single-item machining, and orders with short lead times. We perform all operations that satisfy various needs from all kinds of clients ranging from manufacturers to individuals, regardless of who the ordering party is.


Sales Pitch

Comprehensive machining of metal sheets and steel pipes
Business areas
We engage in metal machining, centering on machining metal sheets and steel pipes.

Our company was founded in 2003, so we have a short history as a company, but we have more than four decades of experience in metal sheet machining because we were originally spun off from an affiliate. Our spin-off was motivated by the desire to differentiate us from our competition, so we entered the field of steel pipe machining.

We later established a welding department, and now we are doing business as a comprehensive metal machining company. 
Corporate features
Our sheet metal machining began with manufacturing architectural metal parts. We have been accumulating knowledge and expertise required for various machining operations as we have increased the numbers of items we machine, including agricultural machinery, special vehicles, and various machine parts.

Our sheet metal machining equipment includes lasers, shearing machines, turret punch presses, benders, and other equipment required for sheet metal machining. We handle materials such as iron, stainless steel, and aluminum. In our steel pipe machining, we followed the principles we have had since our foundation and were pioneers in introducing special-purpose 3D laser processing specializing in steel pipe machining, so we have high technical expertise.

We also have pipe bending equipment, so we can bend steel piping for you.

We take full advantage of various kinds of technology and know-how that we have cultivated in our many years of metal sheet machining according to what is required, for all processes from welding to assembly. As a comprehensive metal machining company for integrated production from creating various data and programs to welding and assembly, we are favored by various customers regardless of the industry, based on our steel pipe machining that makes the greatest use of our equipment capacity.

Recently we have also been developing, manufacturing, and distributing our own products.
Our own approach
In order to respond to the recent rapid changes in the manufacturing industry, we are working hard every day to build a production system that fully displays our mobility for manufacturing a wide range of items for all customers regardless of the industry.

In particular, we can make suggestions based on our machining experience for requests for high-mix low-volume production or even single-item orders, or orders that other companies in the industry would decline because of machining issues.

We will satisfy your requirements in response to various kinds of orders.

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