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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:51


Venture company derived from Hokkaido University. We developed a method for measuring blood fat without the need for blood collection.

Based on a theory about light scattering in living bodies, we develop technologies related to living bodies such as transillumination technologies, finger vein recognition technologies, and noninvasive blood measurement technologies. These technologies have developed into noninvasive blood fat measuring equipment. By using the world's first measurement technology that does not require blood collection, we developed a "turbidity" checker, CaLighD, for detecting signs of obesity.    

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Technology information
Core technologies
We are working on the development of blood tests that do not require blood collection.  
Irradiating a human body with far-red light, which is harmless to humans, and analyzing the light which has passed through the human body allow the scattering and absorbing coefficients of the human body to be simultaneously measured in one time measurement (International Publication No. 2014/087825). 
This technology easily enables us to obtain blood information without blood collection. 
Turbidity inspection
Does the health food suit your body?
The turbidity measurement provided by us enables inspection for verifying the effect of health foods or the like. Unlike conventional inspection methods, the swift and continuous measurement easily allows you to verify whether the intended effect is obtained.

Do you know the adequate food volume?
The turbidity measurement provided by us enables you to know how much oil contained in meals has been absorbed in your body. Furthermore, a continuous monitoring of blood turbidity is expected to be used for health management and the adjustment of the volume of food (calories) ingested by individuals.
"Turbidity" checker, CaLighD
CaLighD is measuring equipment that does not require blood collection. 
Measuring turbidity in blood leads to the detection of signs of obesity and metabolic syndrome. 
CaLighD emits a beam to veins, analyzes the light reflected by turbidity particles, and quantifies the degree of the turbidity. This technology, which is the world's first technology for measuring blood turbidity, has allowed us to obtain various patents.

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