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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:35

shinnouken Co., Ltd.

Our basic philosophy is to study the linkage among life in nature and natural vegetation, ecosystems of living things, the vitality of wildlife, plants, microbes and the earth, and to conduct and disseminate R&D in new agricultural technology.

We develop a new process for planting trees in soil using an LED system, and develop a new automation technique for root pruning and pinching geared to smart farming (patents applied for). We have completed demonstration tests for increasing yields.

Moreover, with the development of the Inogurinsan soil enhancer we have completed our demonstration tests for increasing yields as well as a countermeasure against continuous cropping difficulties.


Sales Pitch

Inogurinsan soil enhancer is used as a countermeasure against continuous cropping difficulties
Our soil enhancer is based on a natural yeast that is mixed with nanobubble water, and increases yields
Inogurinsan diluted with regular tap water was used in a demonstration test in a Hokkaido University field in 2016. 

Nanobubble water developed for disinfection and cleaning used as a dilution solution (diluted by a factor of 1,000) of Inogurinsan (2 liters) increased yield more than was expected (about doubled).

Farmers have been struggling to change crops (to prevent continuous cropping difficulties by not cultivating the same crop in the same field). They can solve this problem and raise yields can by diluting our Inogurinsan with nanobubble water.

The cost is 5 bottles per dose per hectare (diluted by a factor of 1,000) × 3 doses = 30,000 yen (@2,000 × 15 bottles = 30,000). The yield varies according to the crop, but at least a 50-percent yield increase can be expected with soybeans. This example involved soybean cultivation, but applications depending on the kind of crop are under development.
Shading labels
The purpose of this is to cover 2-liter PET bottles with shading labels rather than regular labels that become less effective after long exposure to sunlight. Please provide an estimate.

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